What is Tantric massage

What is tantric massage

What is tantric massage? Many men already heard about it. Though not everyone, let alone discovering its benefits!

Sometimes you heard stuff related to celebrities who state they are practising tantric mating with their spouses. Like Sting and his wife, as a very common example of the 80’s New Age trends. They stated they were engaging in 4 hours long mating sessions by using the tantric techniques. It could be much longer though!

While some other times you can see the word “Tantra” related to ambiguous ads in the papers. Since in many countries the mating industry is a crime, they use the word “massage”. This is not our case though. We use the correct word for the right things. Let’s get to the point though!

Helena tantric massage
Helena tantric massage

What is tantric massage?

Initially this looks like a simple question. But it needs an elaborate answer. Not everybody understands that mating pleasure is about many more things than just some random genital stimulation. There are also many men who think anything without penetration must be boring. So Tantric massage is so much more than plain mating. We sometimes refer to “domestic mating” when we need to tag those 5-10 minutes acts that are just for release. And a cigarette afterwards.

For instance, this is a comment one of our customers send us in:

“What my friends do to their spouses is a masturbation inside their bodies. I need a deeper connection, not only with the body”.

We think this is an excellent description of routine and boring mating. So it’s easier to imagine how far we can go!

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Extended time enjoyment!

The goals of Tantric massage

Tantric massage has a very ambitious goal: the true satisfaction. The deepest satisfaction. Not only mating though, also emotionally. So the kind of blissful enjoyment that brings true joy. Our ritualised experiences have these amazing results:

  • Sensual stimulation
  • Intimate connection
  • Awareness
  • Bliss
  • Skin communication
  • Joy
  • Sharing
  • Release
  • Deeper satisfaction
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Choose your lady masseuse!

Side effects of Tantric massage

Many men tell us their matingual desire is rising after our tantric massage. Yes, it also has the side effect of boosting matingual stamina, self confidence and matingual desire.

“After having this amazing experience with you I have much better mating with my wife. So you could say your job equals to matingual coaching“.

Who is tantric massage for?

It’s easy to say it is for everybody. Though that’s not true. Tantric massage involves awareness and physical connection. Since it is a massage you don’t have to do anything at all. Just lay back and enjoy. Because we are the ones working for you! Initially we said it looks like our massage and tantric mating are not for just anybody. So Tantric massage is for gentlemen who really know what kind of connection they wish to enjoy.

“Ladies are not just bodies. I adore women! But I also search for intimacy and the soul”.

If you compare it to food, the “domestic mating” would be like having a snack. And tantric massage is like the big table meal. So the ritual you have been preparing. The experience which you know is going to take its time.

“I don’t know how many ladies I fucked in my life. Though I remember each tantric massage I have enjoyed”.

Tantric massage techniques

We could write an endless list of grips, positions and tricks. Though this list would forget the most relevant aspects of Tantra: the attitude. So let’s start with a checklist!

Since this post is not a seminar about how to learn Tantrawe’ll keep it short. As we said at the start, the clue is also the attitude. So not any random masseuse is able to deliver the excellent tantric massage we perform. Because talent, training and experience are extremely relevant! And the striving for perfection as well! Exactly like in your industry.

Foot job massage
Foot job massage

Tantric massage options

Finally, it is obvious not every man wants the same things. The goals differ, the preferences, also the fetishes. Though also the available time. This is why we offer a wide range of session times.

  • One hour massages
  • 75 minutes
  • 90 minutes
  • Two hours massages
  • Express session of 45 minutes

There are some side dishes that have become very popular. Like these:

  • Prostate massage
  • Erotic shower
  • Oral finishing

To put these all together into a simple pricing structure we created just three basic menus. The third and most elaborate is the one offering all the longer timings.

  • Relaxing massage
  • Medium erotic massage
  • Extremely erotic massage

Check all the descriptions and prices. Don’t be shy and call if you still have questions!

What do the ladies look like?

We only choose the most polite, expert and gorgeous ladies. Facial beauty, spicy body and also languages are relevant to pop out! Though the talent and the calling for this job are the keys to advertising a lady in our team.

Where to find the ladies

We have a specific team for each city in Spain. Please choose them according to your destination or current location.

Hotel massage in Barcelona: the gorgeous masseuses in Barcelona!

Luna erotic massage Barcelona
Luna erotic massage Barcelona

Erotic massage in Madrid: the most professional therapists in Madrid!

Tantric massage in Ibiza: discover Camilla’s best kept secrets about Tantra!

Camilla Ibiza erotic massage
Camilla Ibiza erotic Tantric massage

Massage studio vs. outcall

We can serve you both ways. Visit us at our premises or call us to travel to your room. The goal is your satisfaction, so we will adapt to your convenience. To visit our studio it is relevant you contact us ahead of time. Since we don’t have a waiting room the timing is relevant to us and to you —don’t waste a minute waiting in indiscreet and exposing rooms!

Book us now

We accept advanced reservations, next day reservations and finally last minute reservations. Please be aware that last minute calls are risky because we are frequently booked out. The safest times to call and book is before 9 PM.

Please contact us! See you soon in Spain!