What is erotic massage

What is erotic massage

What is erotic massage is a frequent question. Since some gentlemen are asking us, we want to make sure we are serving what they really expect.

Erotic bodywork and mating are two different concepts, though the limits between them are sometimes blurry —intentionally blurry? And especially so when you are trying to find the best professionals.

This is the post for all those who need a simple, quick and easy guide to finally decide to enjoy it!

What is erotic massage

We are a professional team of female masseuses, so we should have the best answer. Since this is our job, our calling and our business!

And this is also why we are answering this questions many times a day.

We are happy to answer it though! We have many calls  a day! Of gentlemen who need to make sure we are delivering exactly the service they are looking for.

What makes it different from mating?

Gentlemen who feel horny first think of mating. Because mating is the fastest way to achieve release. And matingual satisfaction?

Of course there is some matingual content in our service. By releasing or achieving climax you can say there is some mating provided!

Although what we do on your body —and your conscience— is not exactly mating.

We’d like to stress the concept of “conscience” and mind in a psychological way. Because erotic massage is no cheating on your wife. Since this is no matingual act, you don’t need to feel guilty.

Erotic massage is no sin at all!

One more fact about matingual satisfaction though. Sexual satisfaction is higher the longer the stimulation time! And this is exactly what we are doing with our massages!

Erotic massage techniques

To understand what is erotic massage let’s first tell you what we are notdoing though. We don’t use lollypop mating. Nor penetration.

As massage therapists we use all our body parts except our mouth and our vagina. Let alone the anus!

So this is all we use on you:

  • Hands
  • Forearms
  • Chest and breasts
  • Shoulders
  • Feet
  • Legs
  • Buttocks

Other facts that can’t be included in techniques are more on the side of attitude and emotional work.

  • Spending a longer time
  • Having a very spicy attitude
  • Giving you some tenderness
  • Caring
  • Mindful bodywork

And the best of it though is we don’t fake it!

“I can’t stand those escorts who start to scream like crazy as if they’re climaxing. Even before touching me”.

So this is something a true erotic massage professional would never do.

You might feel curious about how we use our shoulders? You might have heard about foot jobsthough. And this is our answer: come and try us!

Please visit www.hotelmassagebarcelona.comand choose your massage menu and your ideal therapist.

Limits of erotic massage

As erotic masseuses we chose not to work as escorts. For many personal reasons though. One of them is our passion for massage. Because, as you know, escorts don’t like massage. Escorts frequently prefer to “finish” you as soon as possible.

The limits of erotic massage are avoiding lollypop mating and penetration. You will sure find some masseuses who offer this for some additional money though.

Benefits of erotic massage

We take our time and give you a minimum time of a full hour of enjoyment.

Because you can’t say it was a massage if it took just 30 minutes. We work on all of your body parts, from head to toes. From shoulders to hands, and if you choose a longer session we will also massage your hands and your face. That’s a full treat!

Erotic massage techniques

Just to give you some more details here, these are the basic erotic massage techniques. There are many more though! Just check this unordered list:

Erotic massage categories

Now we’d like you to explore more about all this by reading the next articles. These are not about techniques but special massage styles or massage categories. Each of them has its own range of techniques. Though the most important is always the masseuse’s attitude!

  • Nuru massage
  • Fetish massage
  • Tantric massage
  • Mindful massage

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