Sensual massage

The sensual massage is the sort of bodywork included in this very special category of intimate massages. Though let’s see from a closer look what it is all about.

“I just need a massage now. But a special one. Some sweetness, some tenderness, some bliss. I need to forget about the world!”

And this is exactly what we can do for you!

Sensual massage

Sensuality is a word that we seldom use. Maybe because this word lives in the context of private emotions. But also in the world of physical feelings.

We can only share sensuality uniting an emotional intention with some physical touch.

“I tried other masseuses. Some of them are working like robots, so nothing even close to sensuality. It is so evident they always do the same things without putting anything personal into it. Your team instead is amazing. All the ladies I tried from your service are passionate about the sensual massage. This is something I can feel in the first seconds! I’d call it soulful massage“.

You can read more reviews here. To many a client they are absolutely relevant!

Sensuality and eroticism

Where is exactly the border between sensuality and eroticism? Sometimes the customers ask us what is the difference.

We came to the conclusion that both attitudes have a different goal. Sensuality is sweet, slow and caring.

While eroticism is a spicier attitude that wants to excite you matingually.

Though in our bodywork we unite them. Consequently we are doing both things at the same time. While we gradually add matingual excitement to sweetness.

One thing leads to the other and you will feel like traveling from a sweet green valley to a passionate island. A place where you forget everything else, and where you loose track of time as well.

“I lost all control about myself. I felt like edging very close to climax. But the lady had the final word and she stopped me once and again. When I finally climaxed it was an amazingly powerful explosion. I never had this before!”

Sensual massage grips

We use a really wide range of erotic grips. Because we blended techniques from the tantric massage and grips from Lomi-Lomi and also other sensual Oriental massage styles. These are just a few of them:

Depending on the session length you will be able to enjoy a more and more spicy experience!

So now you have more information about our job! Finally you can decide when to have it!

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