Relaxing massage

Relaxing massage

Relaxing massage is a sort of therapy with the goal of soothing and calming you down. Because stress is a factor that affects our balance on a daily basis.

Counter fighting stress, irritation and aggressive mood is very needed. Though if you can’t have it every day, you probably need it every once in a while.

Everyone needs calm and relaxation.

The goal of Relaxing massage

First off, finding the calm and the serenity is very useful, especially before going to sleep. A relaxing massage is always an easy and pleasing way to get to sleep.

Since it is easier if you get the help from somebody, you will probably enjoy the company of a gorgeous lady.

After sleeping well you will get up the next day with a higher level of energy.

As you know, energy will help you to succeed in both your personal and your professional lives.

How we do relaxing massages

These sort of massage needs a very special attitude from the therapist. Since many gentlemen expect some very quick and intense excitement when they hire an erotic massage, we will use this desire to get you to calm as well. The key is control, something out therapists know from the best Tantric techniques.

As they go, you’ll find “the calm after the storm”.

If we translate this idea into massage it means we will gradually awaken your matingual energies. To awaken these energies, we use some very long and sensual strokes, from head to toes. Also back and forth. Gradually means slowly, though determined.

The female therapists advertising with us are expert in all these aspects. You can see them in Barcelona, Madrid and Ibiza. Of course you need to check the city where you are currently to choose the available therapists.

Releasing and relaxing massages

Erotic massage is a very special therapy. While some call this a “non legitimate massage”, we think hiring this service is an absolutely legitimate choice. Since it is a service for adult men who are in charge of their lives.

The key asset of our service is that you can now enjoy it right in your hotel room. That’s why we also call it “hotel massage“. So don’t leave our room.

No need to hail, a taxi or search for distant and dubious massage salons.

Another benefit is that after your massage you can stay in your room. No need to show immediately, dress up and hail another taxi.

Happy ending massages

Many gentlemen see our therapy also as a “happy ending massage“. Though we take your release as a very natural side effect, we are never forcing you to it.

After your release, you will see life under a different light. A much better one, for the record! Absolutely relaxed and with control over all aspects. Last but not least, you will probably fall asleep quite quickly.

When was the time you had such a nice and deep sleep?

You know how much this helps!

Relaxing massage prices

Though you will find the mot detailed information on massage prices, we can give you a quick appetiser here.

The starting or basic massage menu we are proud to offer you is the relaxing sensual massage we are talking about here. It is the first and most affordable of our range of massage prices.

45 minutes Relaxing massage

This massage menu is about a spiritual and deep relaxation. It obviously includes happy ending. The lady masseuse will use her hands, her forearms and will perform some body to body massage. The focus on this massage menu is relaxation, peace and calm, emptying your mind from stress and trouble.

  • 45 minutes┬áRelaxing erotic massage
  • 60 minutes┬áRelaxing erotic massage

Check the prices and other options on massage prices.

Techniques used for relaxing massage

  • Feet reflexology
  • Buttocks relaxation and stimulation
  • Kidney relaxation and stimulation
  • Body to body massage on your back
  • Abs and belly massage
  • Chest massage
  • Lingam massage (*)
  • Brief frontal body to body massage
  • You are not allowed to touch the lady masseuse
  • The masseuse is wearing a thong.

We hope this sounds appealing to you! We will be very happy to serve you!

Just contact us and make your reservation.