Red Tantra massage

Red Tantra massage

Red Tantra massage is different from White and Black Tantra. This post is to answer many questions from gentlemen who are looking for the best Tantric massage in Barcelona, Ibiza and Madrid.

So we are proud o answer and cast some light on these mysteries!

Let’s start by describing the White Tantra first.

What is White Tantra?

In fact, there are some more colours, one for each Chakra. Each Chakra is responsible for different energies and personal dimensions.

As you guess, the white one is the most spiritual.

So the Tantra you can experience is a sort of Yoga, where the giver and the receiver don’t undress. It is a way to explore your inner self, removes personal blocking ideas from your mind.

Some people see it as a sort of meditation.

White Tantra also involves some chants, positive Mantras and sometimes very relaxing flute music. The ambience you need is calm, relaxed and obviously unaware of time. It also allows a mental clarity to see better who you are, to look inside yourself and recognise issues under a new light.

The purpose is a healing one. Healing your mind and consequently the body. Usually many couples see it as the entrance door to Red Tantra.

Red Tantra

This is what we do! Not just because it is the most demanded services, but because we like to perform this sort of sensual experience!

Red Tantra works on sensual energies, and is capable of creating a very intimate connection between the Dakini —or Goddess— and the receiver.

This special experience helps releasing tensions, and it works in the opposite way to White Tantra, healing your body first, and consequently influencing your mind and spiritual health.

The sensual warmth you can achieve with is is a unique experience you can only understand during and after enjoying it.

Red Tantra is a way to unveil secrets about yourself. The kind of secrets that deal with your intimate life, sometimes blocking, fears or dissatisfaction.

It happens frequently that a new client discovers our Red Tantra massage in Barcelona and gets addicted to it for the rest of his life. Of course this is a very constructive and positive sort of addiction. It is the addiction to personal growth, personal evolving and a constant discovering. New things about yourself, and the way to improve your marriage!

Red Tantra and sensuality

Being nude in the presence of your masseuse is just the start of a very special connection. It means exposing yourself, always in a very secure and non judgemental entourage.

Because the goal is your satisfaction!

Together with your masseuse you’ll discover new ways to touch, to receive touch and to explore your body. She will show you new sorts of stimulations that will awaken your matingual energies.

The purpose is never the immediate apotheosis, but a longer path to discover a much more powerful climax. Much longer, more intense, filled of many more pleasing hues.

Consequently the satisfaction you’ll achieve is a much deeper one.

Let us stress the fact that the goal is not your apotheosis, but the way to achieve it. We see apotheosis as a side effect to all the erotic grips we will use.

Erotic massage and Tantric massage never include mating as the full act. Our genuine female Dakinis and massage professionals will not engage in mating acts. But they have the knowlege to teach it.

Where can you enjoy Red Tantra?

As we said before, we are serving in Barcelona city and Sitges. Also in the shape of Hotel massage in Madrid. And erotic massage in Ibiza, with the prestigious and unique Camilla heading the team.

Finally, here you can see the different options and prices we can offer.

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