Prostate massage

Prostate massage

Prostate massage

What is prostate massage exactly about? First off, prostate massage the way we perform it is a very delicate stimulation. So this is how we see it and how we’ll do it for you!

In this post we will talk about it from the point of view of erotic massage. So please stay with us —for a mouth-watering read!

Why prostate massage

Some men react with a strange grin when they first hear about this. Because touching the anus area is weird in many cultures —not to mention a taboo. Don’t ask us why, but there is a cultural resistance against playing with this body part.

Though this is an amazingly sensitive spot! Because it is irrigated with a large amount of veins, very dense in terminations on this spot. The thousands of nervous terminations allow this area to deliver such a high sensitivity —and pleasure!

Forget medicine now for a moment! Because the only reason to enjoy prostate massage is pleasure!

Since this is actually a big discovering to many a gentleman! Many adult men discover this amazing stimulation a bit too late. The only reason they didn’t before is prejudice.

Adult men though need to experience a thing to be able to comment and judge it. Therefore we can’t talk about stuff we didn’t experience before.

What is prostate massage

As obvious as it sounds, it is about reaching the prostate area inside the anus. We use our fingers to sweetly and carefully caress this internal area.

Did you ever hear about rimming? Well the starting of prostate massage feels exactly like a “black kiss”. We softly stimulate the sphincter, and this is just the start of a very intense and sweet pleasure!

Since this area is a special one we are using some small latex protection. The size of a finger. Because hygiene and safety are our main priorities!

Tantric prostate massage

Tantric massage and tantric erotic bodywork focus quite much on this spot. Because it is the Chakra #1, which connects us with the Earth. And Earth is a trans-cultutal symbol of material joy and sensual pleasure.

So connecting to the Earth and Mother Nature is a healthy way to connect with our own intimate world.

We’d like to stress the fact that we only perform the sweetest and the most enjoyable tantric grips. There are hundreds of delicate techniques like breathing that we don’t use. The reason is as easy as this: they take too much time to learn in the first session. Besides, gentlemen prefer focusing on immediate pleasure. So this is what we do!

Finally, we need testate that we only do this special grip on request. We never force anyone to have it without permission. Mutual respect is also one of hugest priorities!

Erotic prostate massage

Prostate massage is matingually exciting! So this amazing erotic manipulation will discover you new aspects of matingual pleasure!

As we said before, the only goal is your pleasure and a longer time of sensual enjoyment.

Order your prostate massage now

We can also offer you other styles of sensual massages. So pPlease check our massage pricesand choose the one that fits your expectations!

Besides, ordering us to your hotel room is as easy as contacting us!

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We hope this post has been useful! And it hopefully arouse some interest on you to enjoy this special grip next time visiting us!

See you soon!

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