Premature ejaculation

Premature release

Premature Ejaculation —or PE— is sometimes an additional worry for many gentlemen. It shouldn’t be anymore! Because there are a few very simple and efficient techniques.

The best way to try them is with us though! As professional tantric masseuse we master this techniques —and many more!

4 Methods for men to avoid Premature release using Tantra massage 

A longer time of enjoyment is obviously equal to a much deeper satisfaction. Both in your matingual acts with your spouse, and during our amazing tantric massages!

These are the keys:

  1. Tone your muscles
  2. Stress relief breathing empower you
  3. Multiple thrust technique with advanced Tantric Yoga
  4. Longer foreplay: work on 7 chakra

Let’s start with the hardest!

Tone your muscles

This means a full month of practising, but it is the key to succeed. Every time you go to the bathroom, practise interrupting the urine flow for 3 seconds. Each time do it twice! And every day. The most frequent, the better!

This technique is similar to Kegel but used in Daoism ant Tantra for millenniums. Using it you’ll achieve toning your male matingual muscles.

The reason is as simple as that muscles that are weakened have less control. Men who have hard times to control releases have weak elevator ani muscles.

A very interesting side effect is that it will give you much stronger erections and more intense apotheosiss as well!

Prostate massage is also helpful to control PE. And it will also improve your health!

Toning your muscles should gradually be a part of your routine, not to ever weaken again!

Stress relief breathing empower you.

Breathing techniques are automatically identified with Tantra, right? Do these easy exercises also called “belly breathing”:

  • Nasal breathing for 10 seconds
  • Deep inhale long exhale
  • Also called belly breathing

Since you need to concentrate on your belly while breathing in, these are similar to Pranayama techniques. Concentrate while in the act of thrust, then extend the breath.

As the anal muscles, training and practising breathe control is also recommended daily. An excellent trick is doing this every time you use the bathroom.

It will re-connect your mindfulness with apotheosis control or even abstaining from climaxing. Lingam massage is also a key to succeed!

Multiple thrust technique

Awareness while thrusting and drawing during matingual intercourse is also a great help. Combine short and longer thrusts, like 10 shorts and 3 slower, while also using the belly breathing.

As a final note, we need to emphasise the fact that many men don’t have much interest in foreplay. But ladies have! And once you overcome your impatience, the much longer time of foreplay will bring you a and your partner a longer time of enjoyment, and deeper and much more satisfying apotheosiss for the both of you!

Conclusions about premature release

This is something you can control. It’s just a matter of interest and this small sacrifice!

If you wish to be guided though this, use our professional Tantric masseuses! You can check the different professional therapists we have in Spain:

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We hope to see you soon!