Please have in mind...

There are many things we always answer by the phone, SMS, whatsApp or by e-mail. These are important issues we'd like you to have in mind just in case you did not ask about it on the phone.

Please understand and accept them. This way you will enjoy our blissful sex massage even more intensely. Our service is professional. That's why we also have some terms of service.

We have no other goal than your satisfaction, pleasure and well-being. We deliver a very special and intimate service and we are aware of it.

This is why we’d like to explain here what criteria we use to guarantee your safety, advantage, satisfaction, respect, hygiene and anonymity.

It is relevant that you respect our ladies' personal and intimate limits and preferences. We know that to some customers it might feel hard to understand. Since this service is about sexual pleasure some misunderstandings might arise.

Personal limits

What you sure will imagine by now is that each and every young lady has her own limits in her private sexual life and also in her professional live. We speak about job here.

People who deal prices

You will surely find massage studios or agencies who deal their prices. We just can't warn you enough about their services. They are hiding behind more expensive rates but they are usually hopeless amateurs or not too good professionals.

Amateurs are deceiving. You have to pay as well after all. Don't risk it.

Amateurs and price- dealing so-called agencies lack a solid customers base and are forced into dealing because of their low demand and low index of recurring customers.

Our focus is set on quality, and that's why we have a high percentage of recurring customers and this amazing word of mouth marketing effect around the whole world.

No boyfriend casting

Masseuses have this job because they have this professional calling. Some of our customers believe they are on a casting to find themselves a husband, boyfriend or fuck-buddy.

Well we are not. All of us have a balanced personal life.

Of course life is a constant surprise. Many a thing can happen because nothing is set on stone. But please don't expect the lady serving you to be single or looking for a sex date.

Female masseuses are no prostitutes

These ladies chose to be masseuses —thus no prostitutes. Different words for different jobs. Our masseuses are not going to switch their job today. So don't try to convince them and don't expect a different service. If you prefer escorts please google that word — you will find plenty of them in Spain.

Transportation time

It is important for us to know your location so we can calculate the transportation time for the masseuse chosen by you. Our ladies depend on hailing a taxi and taxis depend on traffic conditions as well.

Same prices in all Spanish cities

Prices are the same for Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza and Valencia.

Different prices in Marbella

In Marbella we count on Angela and Rachel, and they have her personal price range for this city including taxis.

Taxis are included

Ours is a premium out-call service. All the taxi expenses are included in the city centers of Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia before 11 PM.

When taxis are not included

Taxis are not included after midnight. We have a certain tolerance between 11 PM and midnight, but it also depends on your location.

Taxis are never included in Ibiza and Marbella.

Specific requests out of any of the cities we are serving or on airport areas need a specific dealing.

When Taxis are not included

Exceptions for not including taxi expenses are the hotels or apartments located far from the city center as airport areas or smaller towns outside the city limits of Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia or Ibiza.

You will easily understand that taxis or cabs are not included for transportations because longer trips are pricier. Please call us to find out how we can serve you.

Trips far from these city centers also require serving the best massages of our menus to balance the time the lady will be spending on the trip. Usually a lady can serve two and sometimes three massages instead of one during the time she will be serving a location far from the city.

Please understand that trips from city centers where the ladies are located to farther hotels need more than 45 minutes. Planning ahead of time will always help you.

These prices are final

The prices we display on the table are final. Please understand that we never deal prices. We are usually booked out and work only with the best masseuses.

Ladies who deal their prices are usually amateurs or non professional masseuses —or escorts who don't know a word about massage.

Price dealing

Some customers try to deal our prices. We don't deal prices. Ever. Our ladies are booked out and we don't want to waste your time with endless conversations. While some customers try to offer less money, we are serving other customers who usually tip our ladies.


You are free to tip your masseuse if you enjoyed her job. Our masseuses will never ask you for a tip though. If you offer a tip it is always a good feeling for the lady since she will understand you valued her female beauty and performance.

30 minutes and 45 minutes sessions

Please understand 30 minutes sessions and 45 minutes sessions are only possible for the regular 60 minutes price for clients in a hurry.

No prostitutes

This is a very intimate service. But our erotic female masseuses are no prostitutes. They never perform oral, vaginal nor anal sex. Please respect their limits as they will also listen to your specific limits.


We accept cash payments in €uros. and US dollars only.

Only hotels

We focus our service on out-call massage for hotels and private apartments. Our service is extremely flexible and always focused on your convenience: time saving, money saving, reliability and of course discretion.

No price dealing

We never accept dealing our prices. Our girls are usually booked out. And please have in mind as well that taxis are included in our rates. We offer a premium and lush quality service for your satisfaction.

Blocked cell numbers

We (logically) are unable to answer calls from blocked numbers in case we miss your call by serving a previous request. You are welcomed to call us from your hotel landline if you agree with this level of discretion.

No unsolicited information

We never send unsolicited information, nor to your e-mail address nor to your phone number. If we miss your call we only send one SMS message offering you our help and just to inform we got your call.


Please beware of amateur out-call massage services. They are cheaper, but you have to pay anyway. Even if you find their service deceiving. Even amateurs can be more expensive than us. Higher price is no guarantee of quality.

In-call service

Only a few of our ladies have their private massage studio. Please call or ask us letting us know if you are in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia or Ibiza.

Massage is not sex

The starting point of our service is that you understand the difference between erotic massage and sexual intercourse. The magic of our service is this fine line, so easy to cross. Crossing the limits might turn any massage service into something rude, cheap and tacky.

Taxis are included

Taxi expenses are included. Exceptions for taxis are airport area hotels or locations outside Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and all Ibiza Island.

Late night

We serve a specific massage service between 11 PM and 10 AM. This service covers all taxi expenses inside spanish cities. Please understand that after 11 PM we offer just the best massage menu.


Since none of our female masseuses is a prostitute you can trust their absolute discretion. They all dress as regular young ladies. All of them speak english and have a middle/high level of education.

30 minutes sessions

Please understand we are not offering 30 minutes sessions. 30 minutes massage sessions are only possible for the regular 60 minutes price for clients in a hurry.


Our lady masseuses are carefully chosen among the best in Spain: nicest faces, sexiest bodies, most expert professionals. Our goal is your satisfaction, so we double check everything.

Massage studio

Some of our masseuses have a personal and private massage studio. Please ask us and we will tell you what are the options at a given time in a specific city.


Ours is a premium service for elegant gentlemen. Massage of any kind needs a specific training. Every detail about our service is quality. And you will soon discover if you honor us with your booking.

Outside the city center

We‘d like to serve you anyway! Hotels placed out the city (Airport areas, etc) need understandable extra taxi fees. We can personally deal a price including taxi fares for your masseuse to travel to you.

Hotel rules in Spain

All hotels in Spain accept any kind of private and personal visit. Your privacy in your room is always ensured and never monitored by hotel staff. Massage is not a sinful service since it never involves sexual intercourse.

Cancel anytime

Please feel free to cancel our service anytime. If something unexpected comes up in your schedule please let us know as soon as possible. This way the young lady will be able to save the taxi fare. Since we offer an elegant and honest service we expect the same level of politeness from you.

Straight to your room

Premium hotels in Spain allow any person to use the elevators and have direct access to your room without ever speaking to hotel lobby staff. Our masseuses know all of the 5 star hotels and most of the 4-star hotels.

Lobby staff

Hotel lobby staff will always kindly help our masseuses to reach your room. Lobby staff may call your room to check your permission. Your lady masseuse will be at your door in minutes.


Spain is living a tough economic moment and there are many desperate amateurs offering hotel out-call massage service under weird names and even at more expensive rates than ours. Don't let them fool you.

More expensive does not mean better quality. Those services are unable to equal our quality standards. They are into scamming and other kinds of illegal activities.

Those services try to sherox our original idea and are not reliable nor discrete at all. Their ladies are not trained masseuses and most of them aren't even young, sexy or attractive in any ways. Ever heard about cellulite?

Speak to us

Any question? Do you need some specific information you can’t find here? Please feel free to call us to the cellular line. We will be delighted to listen to you and provide you with the answers you need. Honestly and to the point.

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