Penis massage

Penis massage

Penis massage is one of the most requested features by the gentlemen who hire our services.

Though, what is it all about? Most of our potential clients don’t know the fact that this is a very elaborate art. It includes many different grips, different paces and types of pressure.

If you heard about Tantric massage, lingam massage is the equivalent to “lingam massage“, just using our own Western vocabulary instead of the Sanskrit term.

Why Penis massage?

Because many gentlemen think of this sensual moment when they are feeling some kind of desire.  The next thought is sometimes “erotic massage” because it involves even more different grips. Especially when some of these grips are not that precise and concentrated. In other words, when the massage is covering the full body, back and front, the massage experience gets much more interesting —and blissful!

How do we do lingam massage?

It might sound silly, but some clients want to know which techniques or how many grips we use to do this.

First off, each lingam is  different. We know gentlemen are not staring at each other lingames in the gym’s locker rooms. But to us the differences are very obvious. Size, length, girth. Also shapes as curvy, straight, thin or very long.

So the techniques will follow and adapt your anatomy.

Techniques are not everything, though. Also the attitude, the pace, the times we interrupt the stroking to avoid your climax by looking inside your eyes. The magic of every moment is the clue to take instant decisions. The goal is always your pleasure, and we like to extend it as long in time as you wish!

Edging massage

Did you hear about this term? It is about a sort of torture, avoiding your climax whenever you get very close. We can do edging massage for 45 minutes, one hour and even 90 minutes. You are the one who decides!

Here you can choose among several of the therapies we’d like to offer! Massage prices.

Of course we know enough grips to never bore you! So we’ll go through an amazing horizon of different stimulation methods.

Finally, we don’t stick just to lingam massage if you also ask us to use other stimulations. As nipples massage, testicle massage and of course our full body to body massage.

Does this sound appealing to you?

Just contact us and let’s set up a session!