Outcall massage

Outcall massage

Outcall massage is the name of a mobile massage service. Is is a kind of service which clients request more and more frequently.

In Spain we can serve you in the most relevant cities: Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza and Marbella.

Just as a side note: with the best professionals you’ll ever met in Spain! Not in vain we select only the most reliable and proficient therapists!

Outcall massage description

The opposite of visiting a massage studio is letting the therapist visit you. For example in your hotel room. Or in your private apartment!

So this means we are traveling to your address. It is a very simple concept, and with many advantages.

We know because we started as a massage parlour in Barcelona. Soon enough we were overbooked with requests from gentlemen who wanted us to travel to their own locations. So that’s what we did!

Ever since, the most frequent request is always serving you in a hotel room.

Besides, staying in your room will save you many hassle!

Outcall massage benefits

The benefits of calling us to your own hotel room are as obvious as these. Though you can think of even more advantages!

  • No extra-price! (With us)
  • Save time
  • Use your leisure time
  • Feel comfortable
  • Take a shower while we travel to you
  • No effortof dressing up
  • Save taxis
  • Discretion: no waiting rooms!
  • Plan your agenda efficiently
  • Fall asleep in your bed

As you can see, letting other professionals serving you is really handy!

As we mentioned in the checklist, there’s the fact of not having to sit in a waiting room. This is also a reason not to have a waiting room in our studio. So we need to set up a time-specific appointment. In case you choose visiting us instead!

How does outcall massage work?

It is as easy as calling us! Instead of making an appointment in our massage studio you will make a reservation just by calling us. So this is the only difference.

Please call +34618580708

Before calling there are still two single things you need to check:

  • Female therapist
  • Massage menu

Because we have different teams in different cities.

You can also choose among different kinds of therapies and time lengths. We try to adapt to many preferences. So we are certain you will find the option you’re looking for!

On massage pricesyou’ll see the differences among relaxing massage, prostate massageand naked massage. Erotic showeris also a frequently requested option!

Outcall massage in Barcelona

Our team in Barcelona is an amazing one!

Check the best female masseuses on hotel massage Barcelona!

Outcall massage in Madrid

We can proudly and honestly say that the best ladies in Madrid are us!

Please visit the ladies advertising here on erotic massage in Madrid.

Usually gentlemen in Madrid are only requesting escort services. If your option is quality massage don’t let those other services fool you!

Outcall massage in Ibiza

Since Springtime and Summertime in Ibiza are so hot in many senses! Many guys come back in from the beach absolutely horny. They tell us that what they want is some really sensual massage. Ibiza is a very special holidays destination for single men. So many of them need to cross the usual boundaries of erotic massage. That’s ok with us! Honestly, many couples do also dare to explore their own boundaries!

Erotic Massage in Ibiza.

Please have in mind that different seasons have different ladies. We have the wider range of therapist options during the Summer!

Lastly, if you have any questions please feel free to call us! We will be very happy to serve you!

Just call or SMS +34618580708 

Hotel massage Marbella

We recently started serving Marbella as well! Mey is this absolutely incredible lady serving the best hotel massage in Marbella. You can’t miss her!

Any questions?

Please visit our FAQs or call or SMS +34618580708

See you soon!