Natural breasts

Natural breasts

Natural breasts are more and more difficult to find nowadays. Because most of the ladies in the various erotic industries decide to put silicon implants. Consequently most of the ladies working in tantric massage and escort services undergo this surgery.

Silicon implants feel quite natural, sometimes even more interesting! Though many gentlemen have the legitimate preference for natural breasts.

Natural breasts

The touch and feel, the warmth and the skin contact of natural breasts feel just different. That’s why I prefer them.

This is not too obvious to many gentlemen though. Because most of the men don’t have a clear preference. Maybe because visuals are more relevant. So the view of some big and ideally shape breasts are the most common reason to choose a specific erotic masseuse.

There are some men who prefer the feeling and the tactile behaviour of natural breasts though. So they just don’t like silicon implants.

So this is becoming an additional detail when choosing among several therapists.

While reality goes the opposite way. Ladies just love to have surgeries! Because perfecting our own bodies is also a legitimate choice!

The result is there are less and less ladies who keep their natural boobs.

So how can we help?

Natural preferred

We are having more and more calls from gentlemen requesting massages. So the number of gentlemen asking for non silicon implants is also present.

Of course the choices are more reduced. We always respect your preferences though!

“This lady you suggested has beautiful natural breasts. And she is also extremely talented! Her erotic massage deserves triple A grade!”

Choosing your erotic masseuse according to her breasts is as easy as calling us!

This is valid for Barcelona, Madrid and Ibiza.

Natural breasts

Natural breasts

Natural breasts massage

Body to body massage feels different when the ladies’ boobs are natural. That’s for sure!

Though let’s point out that the erotic intensity is the same! Because it’s the same lady before and after surgery. So her erotic bodywork is exactly the same!

With this we mean that the skilled bodywork is a fact. It doesn’t depend only on the lady’s boobs, but more on her attitude.

Our body to body massage is always some very hot skin contact. It is also a very intimate experience. The side effects are matingual excitement. Sometimes the receiver is achieving apotheosis and release. Even without touching his lingam!

As everybody knows, happy ending massage means using the hands. Though this can be done also with the lady’s boobs! Please call to request this specific massage menu!

“She used her natural big boobs on me and there was a point I couldn’t hold back. So I jizzed without her using her hands… but her boobs!”

Book some natural breasts

Finally, we need to point out that there are much less erotic masseuses with natural boobs so choose from. Because most of them prefer having surgery to sport some perfect shapes! In fact, the majority of the clients make their choices according to pictures.

Nevertheless, we still have some ladies keeping their original boobs!

So it’s relevant you contact us with some time ahead so we can plan exactly the lady you wish!

Please check also our massage prices, the many options you can choose from!

You are also welcomed to choose your therapist according to where you are now:

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Each and all of them are amazing!

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See you soon —naturally!

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