Mindful massage

Mindful massage is a concept only a few gentlemen think of before planning a massage session. The reason is as simple as stress.

Our packed agendas leave a small space for planning and even making up a whish-list. Calling a service and resolving is more relevant than thinking about what we really need.

So take a minute and imagine how you want your massage to be!

Think first

As we were starting to say, life today is stressful. Because everything needs to be done. Though no matter how! And we think the way we do our job is relevant. Pressing buttons, sending e-mails, making calls. Just for the sake of it?

Our intimate lives also suffer from this speed. The speed of mindless thinking and mindless acting.

And guess what happens when speed is un-planned?

I think you will agree with us: control is more relevant than just speed.

Mindful massage

“I’d like to forget about time. I need some bubble in space and time. Can you do this?”

Yes, this is exactly how we face our massage sessions.

Whatever you do with a mindful attitude has much better results. Because it means we are focusing exactly on what we are doing. So focus is also an attitude. It means forgetting about other things that are not relevant at this point in space and time.

Mindful massage and Tantra

Tantric massages have some very special assets. Regular therapy massages should be mindful as well, but they feel more mechanic. So what are the assets that make tantric massage pop out?

  • Awareness
  • Focus on mutual presence
  • Sensual pace
  • Spontaneous attitude
  • Focus in mutual touch
  • Experienced
  • Genuine
  • Balanced
  • Bubble in space and time
  • Pleasing you is the goal

Just the way we start the session will set this experience apart from all others. We are able to create a special atmosphere. Namely intimate. So extremely private. Because we are always spontaneous, as the opposite to forced or fake.

Think of that screaming and fake escorts? Well, we are not that style.

Erotic and mindful massage

Some men think we can’t be experienced and sensual at the same time. Because there is this idea that young ladies are silly and fake.

Though erotic masseuses who are trained in Tantra as we are have a much mature approach to sensuality. We have a balanced life. So we are in control of our own lives.

And all these facts have a very balanced and positive effect on the therapy we can give you.

  • Sensual intensity
  • Erotic communication
  • Ecstatic mutual touch
  • Blissful pleasure
“This is the best erotic massage I ever had!”

Plan your mindful session!

Plan ahead of time to be safer! Though last minute massage is also an option.

We also have our own massage studio. Please make a reservation.

Please check our different massage packages and massage prices. We can also offer you very interesting massage side dishes.

Just call or send us an SMS!

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