Massage prices

Massage prices and a quick tip: always follow your personal preferences! Because once you mee your therapist, you’ll be certain you’ll have a much better therapy than you thought!

Massage prices: sensible and efficient!

The different fees we are offering are proportional to the session time and the erotic intensity. So the longer the session, the more grips we can use. Consequently, more grips will help you to achieve and enjoy a much higher erotic temperature.

So the erotic intensity is the logical consequence of the techniques we can use. As you know, time flies when you’re having fun!

Besides, the Tantric massages possess the magic of pulling you out of the routine and the predictable. If you know one hour will fall too short, the best is choosing the 90 minutes massage. It is also our most popular and the most requested menu!

Finally, you can also choose among several extras. The best way to discuss them is contacting us!

So don’t be shy and place a call. The phone valet answering has a lot of information about everything.

Massage prices for best quality

As you guess, we are in for the best service. Since erotic massage is the calling of all the ladies advertising here, you can bet they are absolutely talented. That all love their job!

Fortunately we have a huge amount of premium clients. Precisely the sort of gentlemen who enjoy the best quality massages.

Lastly, we hope to serve you soon!

45 minutes massage

The wonderful therapy to relax and achieve a sweet happy ending. Using sensual body to body massage, prostate massage (optional). Your therapist will be wearing a thong.


60 minutes massage

Enjoy a full hour to enjoy body to body massage, mutual touch and prostate massage (optional). Finally, achieve the happy ending you deserve!


75 minutes massage

Go a bit further in erotic intensity by extending the massage beyond one hour. Including prostate massage (optional), body to body and mutual touch with the therapist (not wearing a thong).


90 minutes Extremely erotic massage

The ideal therapy for demanding gentlemen: dive into the perfect erotic massage including double climax, optional prostate massage, full body to body and mutual touch. Erotic shower is included if you wish. Amazing!


Two hours massage

The ultimate tantric massage experience! Your masseuse will guide you through an amazing landscape of intimate connection, tantric mindfulness and extremely bliss, both spiritual and carnal. You will probably achieve several different sorts of orgasm. Always including prostate massage (optional), body to body, mutual touch with the therapist and erotic shower if you wish.


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