Massage for couples in Ibiza

Massage for couples in Ibiza is a very frequent request, especially during the Summer season. Because this is precisely when many couples travel together.

Besides, Ibiza is the perfect destination for paradise beaches, excellent restaurants and cheerful nightlife. Ibiza erotic massage are words that go together well, as you’ll see!

Though after all these sensorial and visual stimulations you’ll also want to stimulate your libido. Or at least enhance it!

You absolutely have an excellent intimate life with your husband or spouse, but a different experience might spice up your fantasies… and your boundaries.

This is why we are offering our services to happy couples in Ibiza!

Massage for couples in Ibiza

Even if you did not think about broadening your boundaries, your erotic massage experience should be always safe. In all aspects, both emotionally and physically.

You’ll sure find low cost services, though the dangers are always the same: lack of safety and politeness, infections, and a gross attitude.

So you don’t want to explore your significant half to a tacky experience.

We are working in Ibiza, Barcelona and Madrid since 2010, and the number of new and recurring clients is growing constantly. The reason is as simple as our flawless service!

Set your own limits

Of course we will always respect your own limits. Some couples prefer to restrain the massage to a very soft sensual experience, with no interaction.

While other couples have this fantasy of seeing each other in the arms of someone else. Then we can set the massage experience to some intense interactivity.

Sometimes couples prefer to share one therapist be it a male or a female masseur or masseuse. We thought of all the possibilities, and of course each and every option has its own protocol and price.

It is relevant you call us on the phone to discuss the details. Couples massage offers a huge variety of options! And yours is absolutely feasible as well!

In other words, we can’t set a universal price listing, and the devil is in the details. So skip the SMS contact, skip the texting and let’s talk.

Contact us using the phone, and we will surely seduce you wit interesting ideas!

After speaking to you we can suggest the best professionals to match your fantasies! Each of our therapists have specific talents that will adapt to your dreams! See them all here on erotic massage Ibiza! Also male masseurs in case you wish to check them.