Gustavo has this special heart all ladies cherish so much! He is sweet, tender, caring yet confident and wise. We don’t know if you saw his pictures, but his flawless body is a not too invisible asset.

Perfection? Thats’ what he works for, not in vain his star sign is Virgo. Gustavo strikes for perfection and wants your session to be unique and perfect like a diamond.

As soon as you meet him you’ll understand —and agree!

Gustavo is currently in Barcelona, where he can also use a really nice studio to serve you —as a lady alone or as a couple.

By the way, Gustave can serve you alone or together with another lady. He works seamlessly with all the females masseuses in Barcelona! So it’s your choice!

This handsome Brazilian is fluent in Portuguese, speaks only a little Spanish and very few English. Anyway, trying to have a conversation with him always proofs really fun! You’ll see how he manages to make the best out of anything otters people see as difficulties.

Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Dark brown
Height: 1,79 m
Age: 29
Body type: Muscular
Skin: smooth and waxed
Services: Erotic massage for ladies, erotic massage for couples, full services for ladies. Please contact us for side dishes.


“I was looking for a wonderful massage, not for a broken heart. I just want to say Gustavo is simply amazing. I don’t have many words to describe such a treat like his bodywork. Amazing, sorry for repeating. I hope these words are useful for many other ladies, we deserve a delicate yet passionate service like his!”

“My wife and I have been talking about this idea for some time. Once we landed in Barcelona we found this website and saw Gustavo. My wife instantly agreed —for the first time. I must say this masseur is absolutely stunning. As a professional and as a person. We hope he has many more assignments because he deserves the best in life!”

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