Enrico is the absolutely stunning male masseur in Ibiza —and anywhere!

A true God in physical attributes, but also mastering the hottest sessions for ladies —only!

Since he is too handsome, spicy and sensual, his female clients want only his erotic massage in Ibiza!

He works alone or together with Nikita, his spouse. When alone he is serving only ladies —never couples!

Together with Nikita they can serve straight couples: they will both make come true your most daring fantasies!

Enrico does only work with Nikita, unfortunately not with any other female masseuses in our Ibiza team.

This handsome Cuban+ is fluent in Dutch, English, and a little Spanish.

Eyes: brown
Hair: Dark brown
Height: 1,80 m
Age: 21
Services: Erotic massage for ladies, erotic massage for couples, full services for ladies. Please contact us for side dishes.


“Usually male escorts in Spain are very average guys. The moment I first saw his picture I knew this is the guy. And trust me sisters he is really IT!”

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