Lingam massage

Lingam massage is a very exclusive massage grip included in Tantric bodywork. This concept may sound a bit too technical or professional though.

But the real practice is extremely easy to understand —and enjoy!

Follow us along this post and see if you’d like to enjoy it with us!

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What is “Lingam”?

This is a Sanskrit word. The first records we can find mentioning this term are written like 3,500 years ago. Tantra massagewas born in the region that nowadays corresponds to Nepal and Tibet. And Sanskrit was the most common language on this territory.

The lingam is, in one word, the lingam. Though the concept is much more complex than just a reference to the male matingual organ. “Penis” is not a literal translation though. The word to word translation is “magic wand” like in a metaphor.

So this way Lingam becomes a symbol of power. It expresses also the concept of creationand the original energy to give life.Fecundity is also a concept included in this term.

Lingam massage

As you can see, the lingam is a sacred anatomy partfor the society who created Tantra. So for us it is still a sacred part we like to honor today.

Out there you’ll find many ladies offering all sorts of matingual services. That’s not us though!

Because our customers are in the premium segment. So the clients we are serving are gentlemen who value this elegant service. Elegance also means discretion, politeness and reliability. We are extremely professional. Besides, earning the best word of mouth is not easy when it comes to serving international customers.

We master the full range of lingam massage gripsin the context of a very elaborate bodywork.

Because lingam massage makes all sense only during the full fledged tantric massage.

Tantric Lingam massage

Any random lady is able to masturbate a man. This is something that does not require any training. Though Tantric massage does need a very specific training. Besides, all of us are professional therapy masseuses, so we have a foundation on real massage as well.

Tantric massage goes further than plain therapy massage. So the intimate communication you can establish with Tantric massage needs some additional talents from us.

Even though we don’t like the expression, “happy ending” is included for all those gentlemen who like to have it. We see it as a natural and spontaneous side-effect or the erotic stimulation.

We also understand that some gentlemen wish to have additional services or massage side dishes. Just feel free to contact us and mention what you expect from our massage service.

Then we will also be able to suggest the eprfect lady to match your needs.

Erotic Lingam massage

Most of the media and also the gentlemen who speak about Tantra mention its spiritualaspects. yes, it is all true!

But we need to remember all the sensualaspects that are involving in our mindful bodywork.

The goal of tantric massage is intimate communication. And this means also eroticism. Because there is nothing more intimate than sharing skin contact!

So the lingam massage makes a relevant part of this sacred bodywork. But the goal is a broader one. In one word, that’s the magic about Tantra!

The benefits

There are almost as many benefits as men who try our service! We got amazing reviewswith many different comments.

  • Dis-connection from trouble
  • Oasis in time and space
  • Awareness of your own body
  • Release
  • Sexual satisfaction
  • Personal energy re-fueling
  • Self esteem
  • No guilt

We also mention “no guilt” because some married men are worried about using escort services. Tantric massage does never equal to a matingual intercourse. So no thoughts of sin nor guilt are involved by hiring our services!

As long as you don’t ask us to go further though! If you really plan to be sinful, please ask us for Nika.

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