Happy ending massage

Happy ending massage

Happy ending massage

Happy ending massage, as some clients reported, can sometimes be a tacky experience. At least it sounds “tacky” to many a gentleman.

Though not with us!

Because our service is on a much higher level, for much higher expectations.

Unfortunately someone dropped this name to a service that —with us— is much more elaborate and blissfulthan you think!

We take erotic massage seriously, and we make a great experience out of it. A deeply satisfying hour or more!

With us this is an amazing experience you can have in Barcelona, Ibiza, Valencia and Madrid.

There are some secret grips that will take you to a blissful ending though.

Happy ending massage

First off, we are a team of professional masseuses. Because we have a solid foundation on all kinds of therapy massage. So our goal is offering one hour, 90 minutes and even two hour sessions of the highest quality massage.

So the happy ending massageis a part of our elaborate bodywork. Because it is one of the most requested featuresa man wants in a massage.

Go on reading and you’ll see what makes us special and different from all other hotel massage services.

Happy ending massage

Happy ending massage

Full body massage

Our massage sessions go far beyond those Chinese parlours. As you know, just the hands are used by amateurs to deliver a rather basic hand-job.

While we will massage your entire body! So from head to toes, not leaving one inch from being warmly touched, pampered and taken care of.

For a start, our feet massageis a bright beginning for a deep and satisfying enjoyment. You’ll feel it!

If you wish we can also turn it into foot-job, something really amazing! We have many fetish customers who can’t live without it.

We also massage your legs, buttocks, kidney area and all your back. After these w’ll also massage your shoulders in a very special way. So you’ll feel sweetness and some genuine caring. Everything always in the domains of sexy!

Body to body massage

Ever heard about body to body massage? Well this is something blissful you’ll, and you will enjoy with us all the way.

For our Extremely Erotic Massagewe also use our breasts and the skin on skin contact gets to this intimate massage we master. It feels really sexy, sweet and this is an amazingly exciting massage. It is also a relevant part of our happy ending massage in Barcelona and in Madrid.

Lingam massage

As our massage sessions goes one, it grows more and more intimate. Maybe you’ll feel the desire and the urging need to get touched. Precisely on some areas that are growing harder and harder. You know what we mean here. Your jewels will start pulsing together with your heart-beat.

So this islingam massage. It  is a whole discipline and we master it thoroughly. It is about different grips to stimulate your penis. This will keep you on the edge. Though we will stretch the session to extend your enjoyment as much and as long as you wish. One hour, 90 minutes or two hours? You can also achieve the happy endingtwice!

Some guys even more!

Testicle massage

Oftentimes these really sensitive parts on a male are forgotten by the spouses. But gentlemen also like their testicles to be massaged. It feels really special and exciting! Testicle massage requires some good training. It has to be a sweet and delicate massage. This is also included in our happy ending massage!

Call us and we’ll get directly to your hotel room. Totally discreet! +34 618 580 708

And please visit our full website to learn more about our services and its prices: www.hotelmassage.eu

Happy ending in Ibiza

The sexiest ladies in Ibiza are proud to work in our team! Check them all on www.eroticmassageibiza.com

Happy ending massage in Madrid

The sexiest ladies in Madrid are here: www.hotelmassagemadrid.com

Happy ending in Barcelona

Our core-team sits in Barcelona. Sweet, gentle and extremely expert! www.hotelmassagebarcelona.com

Happy ending massage in Valencia

In valencia you can have a wonderful paella. Though you’ll never forget Bianca and Carla: www.hotelmassagevalencia.com

See you soon! Wherever you are!

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