Girlfriend experience

Girlfriend experience

Girlfriend experience (sometimes called GFE) is a service that obviously takes much more time than just a massage. Because massage sessions range from 45 minutes to two hours.

Though more and more gentlemen don’t think that’s enough time. Because the company of the therapist develops and you suddenly can’t have enough of her presence. Both the therapist and the receiver say they “click”. Then you need to share even more moments with the lady. For example a dinner, some drinks, a nice conversation.

Why Girlfriend experience?

It just happens! You just click with your therapist. The massage feels like a starting point to spend some more time together. Because you like talking to her, you seem to share many interests. So what if you only could have more time to be together?

That’s when you contact the phone valet and ask if your masseuse has another appointment. If she happens to be free you are also free to extend the appointment.

Live it up!

The time you want to spend together goes from one extra hour to several days. Of course we need to plan the timing. So it’s relevant to know how many hours you want to enjoy this lady’s company by your side.

Usually it starts with a nice dinner. While some gentlemen wish to spend a full weekend. Suddenly the masseuses turn into a tourist guide who can take you to interesting places around the city and nearby interesting locations as well.

The gentlemen who hire a lady for longer time than one day can absolutely enjoy several more massages with her.

“This has been the nicest experience I ever had since High School. I feel like 20 years younger in a snap!”

“The masseuses you suggested happens to be a very smart conversation. She speaks English with an unusual fluency so we can have a really nice and unstoppable conversation! She is only silent during the massage”.

Maybe it’s time for you to try it! Please ask for the available alders and the most expert ones for this super personal experience!

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