First class massage

First class massage

First class massage

First class massage is the excellent massage service only the most demanding gentlemen are striving for. In other words, it is a premium massage service!

We are earning amazing reviews since we started our out-call massage service back in 2011! We received thousands of amazing opinions and testimonials ever since!

Despite having more and more competitors, our service is the most wanted and the most recommended among customers. Clients tell us they adapt to our availability because they prefer our service style.

First class massage

Our only goal is always excellent quality, from the very day we started! Consequently we have been serving the most demanding gentlemen. Exactly the kind of men who know what they want, precisely those guys who already had many massages before. These men know how to tell highest quality!

First class massage quality

Though, what is quality about? Some people say this word turned into a shallow concept. But what are the aspects to tell a quality massage service from a regular one?

To us the word “service” also covers these most unusual aspects:

  • Excellent massage quality
  • Beautiful and gorgeous professional masseuses
  • Honesty
  • Complicity
  • Punctuality
  • Reliability
  • Customer service
  • Discretion
  • Flexibility for individual and unique wishes

All these end up in a concept that is seldom used nowadays:


Once we serve a high standard gentleman he comes again every time he visits Barcelona, Madrid, Ibiza or the other cities where we operate.

The amount of recurring customers we have is very high!

We can tell this fact because we formerly started in another company. Their client recurrence rate was lower than 25%, while ours is higher than 50%!

First class massage options

One of the most relevant facts in our business is individuality. Each and every gentleman has different and personal preferences and needs. We try to suggest the right lady to adapt to all unique requests.

Though we have seen there is a basic number of demands. So we set up three categories.

  • Receiving massage
  • Prostate massage
  • Inter-active or mutual massage

This way gentlemen can choose among different options. For example, being totally passive during the session, enjoying the erotic massage with no desire of touching back the therapist. That’s the receiving option.

Some other instead prefer engaging in mutual touch. And many gentlemen also value the delightful prostate massage.

We then translated these preferences into 3 different massage menus:

All of them have sub-options you can all see in massage prices.

The last one is the interactive massage. Obviously using the highest number of grips and techniques. The fact we are absolutely naked ”not wearing a thong” helps it to boost the erotic temperature over the top.

Since this naked massage is the one with the biggest amount of grips we can also offer a much longer time of session experiences:

  • One hour
  • 75 minutes
  • 90 minutes
  • Two hours

The 75 minutes option also includes erotic shower if you wish! This option adds a second climax for you while we soap you up!

Many of our ladies are also very happy to work together. So the 4 hands massage they deliver is an absolutely unique experience. You can discover how it works by reading our erotic story here!

As you guess, we also serve couplesBisexual couples and absolutely couples who also request a straight male masseur.

We can also offer you very special fetish massage sessions! Please feel free to request your fantasies clearly!

Additional first class options

You are also free to choose if you prefer our outcall massage service or in-call. Out-call means we are visiting you at your hotel room, so it is hotel massage.

While the opposite option is visiting us in our massage studio in BarcelonaMadrid or Ibiza.

Of course in all cases we need you to call us to set up a meeting.

First class massage testimonials

During this time we have collected an amazing amount of wonderful reviews. In the shape of e-mails, whatsApp and SMS messages.

We hope to have the chance to get your opinions as well!


Running a special massage service like ours is a matter of will and means. So intelligence is not enough. The will to serve all these goals needs to be translated into the real world. Knowing how the world practice looks like is also a relevant fact.

Of course we are open to answer whatever questions you have. Please feel free to contact us!

We’d like to welcome you to check all of our ladies offering erotic massage in Barcelona, hotel massage in Madrid, erotic massage in Ibiza, Valencia and also in Dubai!

See you soon!

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