Feet job massage

Feet massage

Feet massage? Sure! Very handy for Summer temperatures and also for the Harvest! Because it is always a good time for some very sensual bodywork!

We can also use our feet to massage you. All of our erotic masseusesin Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Ibizahave an extremely thorough training. Specifically in all kinds of massage techniques. So also using special body partsto massage all of your body. Doesn’t it feel amazing? And spicy!

You can watch your chosen masseuse while she is performing itĀ on you. This is a very sensual experience, also for you to watch.

Foot job massage
Foot job massage

How’s feet massage done?

This is one of the most elaboratemassage techniques. It is a Thai traditional technique which had not only erotic goals but also therapy goals as stretching. Some customers tell us:

“I had to look up to see how many arms and hands you have. Because I felt massaged by an amazing octopus!”

This is just one way to describe how you feel when a lady is using her hands, arms, legs and feet to give you an amazing erotic massage. She can be working on your chest and legs at the same time. So using both her hands and her feet. Afterwards also or on your back and your buttocks at the same time. Now think how it might feel if she is also performing some “lingam massage” or “lingam massage” on you. You guessed it right: also using her feet!

Many of our girls know how to use their feet to give you an amazingĀ lingam massage. It is an exciting vision not only for the fetishist. So also for anybody who enjoys eroticism and matingual excitement.

Foot job massage
Foot job massage

“Foot job” in your hotel room

Any of our ladies can give you a visit right in your hotel room. Close the curtains and let the feet massage start! This kind of out-call massage service is the most convenient if you are alone in your hotel room. You will save taxis and the travelking time. And after enjoiying the massage you are free to shower. Though maybe you’ll fall asleep in your own hotel bed! After a massage gentlemen usually have a really deep and soothing sleep. Only to wake up in the next morning, wondering if that feet masseuse was true or an amazingly spicy dream.

Feet massage in your a lady’s private studio

Some of our masseuses have a private and individual studio on their own. So just ask us on the phone for availability. We have a massage studio in Ibiza. And we also have a massage studio in Barcelona. Please call now and make your reservation. We can’t stress enough you should call before we are all booked out!

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If you are interested in foot job, that’s a really hot massage though. Extremely sensual!