Erotic hotel massage

Erotic hotel massage

Erotic hotel massage: what is it exactly? Ever heard about a massage that is able to fulfill your secret fantasies?

This is a premium service for gentlemen. Besides, what does the word “hotel” mean in this story?

First off, this personal and private therapy massage is a very special experience when enjoyed with us!

“You are the matingiest and also the most talented female masseuses in Spain!”

This is a comment we are earning every day from our customers. You can see more personal opinions on reviews.

Besides, as professional masseuses we go a bit further than therapy massage. Though we offer a grounded and professional massage service.

Sensual massage

The special sides of erotic hotel massage are about blending the best. So the really nice and well performed massage with some most blissful sensuality.

You know sensuality might be stimulating. Because this needed feeling of tenderness, of caring about you, your body and your intimate needs. It can feel matingually exciting, and we are aware of it. This is erotic hotel massage!

Consequently will play with this mental and physical arousal to take you to the very edge of the ultimate bliss!

Erotic hotel massage

Erotic bodywork is not equal mating, but it gets really close. Because we use our hands, forearms and more. This is always depending on the massage menu you ask from us. So we can also use our feet, our legs and even our breasts.

This is a really hot and intimate bodywork. Body to body massage raises the erotic temperature of the massage session up to the highest level.

Massage studio

We started serving hotels in Spain. Though after all these years of experience we noticed many gentlemen prefer visiting us at a studio. For whatever personal reasons.

So we can now serve you at our studio as well!

We have a massage studio in Barcelona. Also Madrid. Please call now to set up an appointment!

In Ibiza we also have an amazing apartment where you can explore eroticism, sensuality and bliss. Please check Camilla’s massage studio in Ibiza.

Hotel climax massage

Since we work on all of your body parts, from head to toes, you’ll enjoy a much better experience. Besides, we never forget the specific spots that will make you feel an ecstatic pleasure. And maybe the need to get closer to climax.

We ladies at erotic hotel massage will also massage your buttocks. And further. Because when you turn over and we can work on your front side we will also massage your testicles. And your lingam. Yes, testicle massage! And lingam massage!

Erotic lingam massage

This is something really hot! We perform it in a natural way, as a consequence of your excitement. So never as a mechanic and tasteless addition to a regular massage. Massage and eroticism are blended into one seamless experience if you call us.

There are many ladies selling “erotic massage” as a tacky experience. All of us at erotic hotel massage have undergone a professional and very high end level training on erotic Tantra massage. We also learned specific and very sweet techniques to work on your lingam. This is called “lingam massage” in our professional slang.

Erotic testicle massage

Our kind of erotic massage has many advantages. We can also stimulate the private area between your legs, and even stimulate your testicles and your prostate. More and more gentlemen are asking for this specific treatment. Though we only perform it for who asks for it, respecting the men who don’t like it.

If you need to know more about our service please visit specific pages as what is erotic massage.

Erotic massage in Ibiza

Please check our specific female masseuses team for Ibiza on erotic massage in Ibiza.

Or call us and ask us directly whatever questions you have!

Erotic hotel massage

These words say it all: an erotic massage performed in your hotel room.

Isn’t this the maximum pleasure and convenience for you? Yep, we know it! Thousands of customers are the testimonies of these convenient out-call massage service.

Beyond therapy: out-call massage in your hotel

You know what a therapy massage is about. Now forget about the towels and get totally naked and let us young spicy ladies touch your whole body. So not just your back or your hands.

We will massage your feet, legs, inside your legs, your testicles, your buttocks and also your lingam.

So welcome to erotic massage! Discover this sort of bodywork that will pamper your sensuality and arouse you matingually to the highest limits!

Hotel massage and excitement

All of our massage grips have the intention and the attitude of arousing your matingual energies, stimulating your libido, your desire of matingual pleasure and taking you to an amazing and blissful climax.

Trust us to enjoy this amazing service right in your room!

You can read our testimonials to check what other customers said about us previously.

Benefits of hotel massage

Benefits are as obvious as saving time and money. Since the lady will come to your room door. This allows you to use your time to complete your business and personal agenda with absolutely freedom.

By using our out-call massage service you will also save the time of traveling around the city searching weird massage studios. So don’t get yourself into traffic jams! Don’t be the last guy to sit on a waiting room in a massage studio.

More specific service informations on Terms.

After the massage you can stay in bed and enjoy the moment of release and relaxation to its maximum extent: no hurries. Nobody will rush you out of a massage box to serve the next customers. You are in charge of your time and your own pace!

Unwind just for this time. Let other serve you instead.

Easy booking your massage

Booking your erotic hotel massage is extremely easy!

So please plan ahead if you choose a specific masseuse lady. Book as soon as possible so we can serve you right in time to fulfill your highest quality massage service expectations.

For your pleasure.

See you soon!

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