Erotic bodywork in Spain: Barcelona, Madrid and Ibiza’s matingiest massages!

Erotic bodywork is a very special massage style. As you guess, the goal is not the same as in therapy massages! It goes a bit beyond.

How far though?

Nowadays everybody knows the meaning of “erotic”. This adjective is used to describe some special services. As in erotic photography, erotic massage and other services for adults.

What is erotic bodywork?

We use the word “erotic” to tag images, movies and services that will matingually arouse you. Not just visually. Also using the tactile senses! And this is precisely our talent!

We think that matingual excitement is something all humans like. It is an emotional need as well, as psychologist state. Because there are many very personal things involved in it.

  • Self esteem
  • Need of tenderness
  • Self confidence
  • Feeling spicy
  • Sexual needs

But it goes beyond a merely physiological need. Because we are far more than just a bunch of cells! You probably will agree with us that we all have a soul.

And we all know that emotions play a relevant role in life!

Let’s go on with  our subject. Take our hands because we are diving now into warm and crystalline waters!

As you guess, the word “erotic” comes in before the next step. So what is the next step? Well, “mating”.

The erotic touch

Therapy massages can be very useful for different needs. These needs are usually restricted to the health area and wellness though. To relieve pain on muscles or bones.

Sometimes the fact of being touched can awake some other desires.

Do you agree with us that tenderness and intimacy are not as usual as we think?

So our erotic bodywork is a special service. It is a very warm experience that satisfies the needs we should never forget —and never lack.

Some gentlemen are not even aware they have these needs!

Gentlemen aware of their needs are searching for sensual massagetantric massage and erotic massage.

Grips for erotic bodywork

Massage is about using the hands to deliver pressure, stroking and a dynamic touch on your skin. Traditionally, only the hands of the therapists are relevant to perform it.

Though erotic bodywork as we see it goes a bit further. Again, and another step. Ready?

We also use these body parts

  • Forearms
  • Chest and breasts
  • Shoulders
  • Feet
  • Legs

The contact of more of our body parts on your body warms up the sense of intimacy. So the result is a very special massage experience!

Can we be a little more precise? Sure!

Erotic bodywork features

There are very special grips. Because you will only find these in the context of s sensual massage like ours:

Other features a bit outside the range of massage are also possible:

Call us to have even more information!

Erotic massage services

Our goal is always your satisfaction! Though your convenience as well!

So we adapt to your special needs.

So feel free to choose the best option for you!

If you need additional information please contact us.

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