Ejaculation control

Ejaculation control is something many gentlemen are worried about. Because sometimes it feels really hard to hold back. Especially when you are extremely aroused!

Other men instead use this control to enjoy a much longer massage session! That’s a big advantage compared to using escorts!

Besides, premature release is more spread than you thought.

But there are many ways to control it.

On top of the best news is there are very spicy waysto achieve it!

So it’s two benefits in just one session!

Ejaculation control testimonials

“I feel very frustrated when I am coming too soon. Just when stuff gets really exciting in bed!”

“After I climax the fun is gone. And I don’t feel satisfied”.

Oftentimes we hear these and other similar comments from our customers.

Sometimes they tell us before we start the session. That’s perfect because we then focus on using the specific tricks!

What is release control

The human body is like an engine. Yes, it is complex, and it varies from man to man. You also need to understand it so you can fix it.

Ejaculation control is always relevant though. Being able to decide when you want to climax is the key to a better experience in bed. Or in erotic massage!

“My wife is really happy that I climax so soon. But I’d like to have some much longer time of enjoyment!”

Wives and girlfriends are acting in different ways compared to professional erotic masseuses. Because after the first years of relationship some of them loose interest in intimacy. Call it boredom, effort or whatever you like. Gentlemen sometimes feel the same way though!

So getting the right help is relevant!

There are many tricks to control your climax. And we use them all!

Ejaculation control and tantric massage

Tantric massage seen as erotic massage is very helpful. We use different techniques to give you the most exciting sensual pleasure. Though avoiding your climax. We can have you on the edge until the moment you wish!

What are the techniques we can use?

Our knowledge and our attitude are also relevant. While performing a tantric massage we are i control. So if you let us be in charge you’ll have the most of it!


The benefits are obvious. Though sometimes gentlemen are not aware of them. Until it is too late and frustration comes up, as we pointed out before.

  • Longer time of matingual enjoyment
  • Stronger and longer climax
  • Abundant semen release
  • Deeper matingual satisfaction
  • Emotional feeling of balance

We could go on with a list almost forever! Because each and every of our customers expresses different thoughts.

As you know, we usually serve our massages in hotels, as out-call massage service. Did you know the price is exactly the same as in our studio?

Massage studio

We have different studios in different cities. Just in case you don’t want us to serve you in your hotel room!

Please contact us to set up an in-call session or check Massage Studio in Barcelona.

Ejaculation control

So don’t forget to tell us about it before we start the session! As erotic masseuses we are giving you the longest time of sensual pleasure! We usually stress this fact because there are many differences between us and escorts, and this is one more of them! Escorts want to finish you as quick as possible. They literally rush you to climax! So in this case we are the right choice.

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