Double seduction

Double seduction is our first erotic story. Nika and me decided to describe this erotic massage together. We hope to see Thomas for the third time, or maybe you, who are now reading this. Now we are sitting in the cafeteria of the Pulitzer Hotel putting together our remembrances. Nika wearing her seducing black sequin, her perfect make up and she let fall her pumps before putting her spicy feet on the sofa.

Double seduction

Thomas called on a Tuesday afternoon. He was visiting Barcelona on a business trip, and after finishing his meetings he thought a nice massage would be a good idea.

He first talked to our phone valet, and told him something like:

I want you to suggest me a nice idea, something special. I really want to make the most of this session. Please don’t restrict me in timing, because I first want to see how it works. Can we play it a little by the ear?

The valet suggested he could have a four hands massage, and Thomas immediately agreed. He was living in a nice hotel near the Ramblas. I told the valet to please arrange this session with me and Nika, since we have a very special chemistry.

Nika is an extremely expert masseuse, very wise and professional. Besides, I think the most relevant fact is that we both have this secret bimatingual sides. It doesn’t work with any lady though. That’s why I asked the valet to send us specifically.

I am Lara. Many clients think I am Asian, but I was born in Spain. I have little girlish eyes, I’m not too tall, and look somehow naive. But my clients tell me I am unique in my erotic massages.

Nika and me were so happy to work together again! We met a while before at the Cafeteria, check┬íket our last messages and put our phones on plane mode. We were excited, and wishing this Thomas would be a nice client. To us, nice doesn’t only mean handsome or spicy, also polite, respectful and elegant.

Meeting Thomas

As he opened the door to his immense suite, Nika and me were mesmerised. It was a huge and very expensive space, and Thomas was according to it. He was not too tall but had this aristocratic spark. He had a seducing smile, but was also very clear in his intentions.

Look, I know you’ll have fun with me, but I kindly ask you not to take me as an escort client. I want this massage session to last as much as you can. You need to know that I can only finish once, and that having you both is so exciting that it could happen too early. Please, don’t. I want to pay a two full hours session, since you are so gorgeous and spicy.

We looked at each other. Nika gave me a peck close to my lips, and I started to feel like a wild cat. Thomas seemed to like that little trick.

You are both very different, but I like the fact you have this nice chemistry.

While Thomas was still dressed, Nika and me put our hand-bags on a nice counter, and started to undress each other. He didn’t miss a detail. Nika first took my pumps off, she caressed my feet knowing I love that. Slowly she unbuttoned my shirt, exposing my pink nipples and caressing them with her nose.

The spicy undressing

Then it was Nika’s turn. Thomas came one step closer, and helped me removing Nika’s immaculate white top. He was in awe when he say her Venezuelan cinnamon breasts. Nika knows to use the right perfume, and I think she was wearing a drop of Thierry Mugler’s Angel.

Thomas and me caressed Nikas’ breasts, very carefully. We were still getting to know each other. It was clear that Thomas was our type of client. Polite, spicy and patient. He didn’t stick is lingam out just like that. We could tell he was hard, but he waited for us tope fully naked so we could both take care of him.

He wasn’t missing a detail from our bodies. We moved slowly, allowing him to observe our nice arms and legs. Nika’s feet and mine are also small and spicy, and we could tell he liked them. I guess he could’t decide who’s breast were matingier. We are so different, me more on the discrete side, and Nika is the explosive one.

After undressing him and putting his clothes carefully on the arm-chair, we caressed his entire body. I started at his front, while Nika was working on his back and buttocks, carefully and seducing. He watched me with surprised eyes. Then we switched, turned him over, and he could see Nika’s amazing breasts.

He was obviously excited, but we avoided touching his intimate parts. A gentleman like Thomassn’t the style masturbating himself. He was paying for the best service, and I’m sure we gave it.

The next year, he called back and asked for us both to serve him again, so I guess we did it right.

Tantric massage in trio

The way we work is more than Tantric massage. We also try to perform a nice visual show for the client. Even though we needed to place him on the bed, we made sure he could see our breasts and feet all the time. In fact, I kneeled in front of his face so he could have my feet in touching distance.

Thomas could hear us softly moaning while we started working on his feet. We also put his feet against our bellies and boobs, and that got him very excited. We could hear him moaning. I guess Nika was very excited since she was looking at me with desire. She kissed me before we started working on Thomas’ calves and legs.

He enjoyed our buttocks massage like crazy. I guess he never had a massage like that. We also started to stimulate his inner thighs, and we slowly got to caress the parts that were hiding below his legs. Nika approached his testicles, and he sort of jumped in surprise. We did everything delicate, taking our time, and letting him breathe in harmony.

Once I started to work on his lower back, Nika sat on his shoulders. I guess he could feel her warmth, and he started moaning with a certain unrest, as if we were torturing him. Then Nika sat facing me, I could see her spread legs, her pink pussy between her cinnamon legs. If Thomas had seen that image, I guess it would have been too early.

Frontal massage

Thomas’ hands started to search for us like a blind man would. We got closer so he could caress our breasts and feet. He didn’t know who was on his left or on top of his back, and that game felt very spicy.

He soon protested, he wanted to turn over and watch us. and we playfully allowed him. It was obvious he was very excited. Nika put herself in a way placing her left feet between his legs, close to his testicles. That seemed to be a bit too exciting, but it was time for the frontal body to body.

We performed an amazing body top body massage. Alternatively Nika and me, brushing his chest and stomach with hour breaks and feet. He watched us as if we were a visual show, but of course he was also feeling the skin stimulation we were giving him.

Tou drive me crazy, you drive me crazy!

We kissed again slowly, caressing each other’s breast. A bit of a lesbian show is always sweet, and he seemed to enjoy it with very open eyes.

Nika signalised me he was dripping, and we were getting close to the first hour. So we still had a long massage time ahead. She made a gesture like for us to slow down.

Anyway, we were both so on fire that we could’ hold back playing our little lesbian games for his eyes only. We encouraged him to lift his upper body, and in a sitting position, to share caresses with us.

Secret Tantric bodywork

That’s when Thomas got a bit friskier, trying to use his fingers to cross the boundaries we never cross. After all, what we do is not escorting but Tantric or erotic massage. He immediately understood and went back to respectful mode. He was so excited we understood he’d like to let go.

Though we were in charge, and he also liked that. He followed all our instructions as where and how to caress us.

That was when Nika suddenly lay down parallel to him, but with her feet clse to his face. Thomas opened his eyes really wide, and she started playing with her feet in the air, like she was peddling an invisible bicycle.

That idea felt astounding, and I did the same. Thomas’ hands started to try to catch us as if we were butterflies, and I could see his dick getting much harder. It transformed into a kind of veiny animal.

We changed positions back to frontal massage, brushing his testicles and his nipples. I discovered he was very sensitive and carefully bite his nipple. I accidentally brushed his nipple with mine, and he screamed in a way I thought that was the end.

Nika put her palm on his chest and instructed him to breathe. That way we avoided his climax. He was nodding his head, like all that was an overdose to him.

But we had much more in store for him.

Misty erotic shower

There was a point when time started to fly. Everything was so natural, so easy, and the three of us matched like the gears of a perfect motor.

He was suffering from excitement, and I even feared he could have a heart attack. It was time to take him into the shower. That’s what we call erotic shower. It’s amazing!

Since we entered his huge suite I saw the bathroom head a big shower room in marble. There was enough place for us and maybe a couple ladies more. Besides, plenty of crisp white towels. Inside the shower there was also a surface to sit on, also in marble. Believe me that was some luxury suite!

I prepared the shower while Nika was still caressing him. Then they joined me under the warm and generous water. I found out we could set the stream to a sort of sprayed mist, and the water felt like a tropical rain, floating inside the room like a wet fog.

The three of us continued to caress each other. While we sat Thomas on the stone surface, we put pour legs and feet close to his body. He started putting Nika’s feet inside his mouth. i could see on his lingam that this was something he enjoyed very much, and maybe didn’t have the chance to practise as often as he liked.

I put my right foot under his testicles, and he did a little jump of surprise. He then sat his balls on top of my foot making sure to cover it fully, and started to move his waist in circles.

The never ending wish to climax

Our wet nipples excited his view. In fact, I thought he didn’t know where to look. Everything around him was so spicy and seducing. Our pink breasts, our spicy legs, the pink secret areas between our legs. Maybe he started to feel impatient, but also not wanting the session to end.

There are a couple of Tantric grips we want to keep secret.

Thomas was amazed with all the secret grips we used on him. Nika and me work really well as a team, and I guess he fantasised about hiring us for the whole night.

Finally, he climaxed caressing our feet and sniffing on my nipple.

After soaping him all up and rinsing him, Nika used a big towel to cover Thomas. We both used soft pressures on his towel to wet him, and then instructed him to lay back on the bed.

We never end our sessions abruptly, so we still gave him quite a lot of tenderness. His heart-beat started to slow down and he drifted into a very relaxed mood.

I feel so clean, so relaxed. Like floating on a cloud.

After some minutes of silence, he asked us if we’d join him having a glass of wine. Nika located the bottle inside the elegant fridge, which had a glass door. We opened the white wine and served three glasses.

A toast on you. You are two amazing ladies who know how to make me enjoy. The perfect company, I have to admit.

After a while of “pillow-talk”, we dressed to leave his room. Thomas looked inside our eyes as if he was already missing us. Which he did, since one year alter, he asked again for us!

Wrap up

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