Couple massage

Couple massage

Couple massage is a more and more requested experience. Because couples of all sorts are starting to grow in a fascinating new direction!

Namely the one of sharing complicity in many more areas than just verbal communication.

Lately the world of sensuality and intimacy is also entering the boundaries of sensual massage. So couples who let true and whole communication touch their skins are discovering a deeper connection, also very useful for their bond as partners.

Do you want to explore new landscapes together with the most significant person for you in the world?

First off, erotic massage is the way to re-inforce the core connection, growing way over jealousy or possession. This way, couples achieve some stronger resilience.

So go on reading! Or call us directly to discuss the details!

Couples massage options

Some couples do need two therapists, one for each. Sometimes two ladies, sometimes a lady and a male masseur. Sometimes they want to share just one therapist, to build a three-some alike moment.

We can fulfil all of these options. Because we have the right therapists for all these. Not just beautiful or gorgeous, but trained therapists.

If you have your couples massage with us, it won’t be “just another massage”. It will certainly be an amazing and new way to outgrow your idea of sensuality.

Massage for couples in Barcelona

In Barcelona you have several options and combinations. Not only for female-female masseuses but also with three different male masseurs to match.

Our male masseurs are Erick, Esteban and Matt. Any of them can match almost any other female therapist advertising with us. Though there are some combinations that work best. Please contact us to discuss all the details.

Couples massage in Madrid

Both Lolita and Roxanne are extremely expert in serving couples. They can match perfectly with Ronaldo, Hugo and Dario, our male masseurs in Madrid. Please contact us and let us know your preferences!

Ronaldo and Roxanne are used to serve couples together. They have the right chemistry between them and are capable to create a wonderful atmosphere with the receiving couple. Complicity, respect and sync. You can find some options on massage prices.

Couple massage Madrid

Couple massage Madrid

If you are really interested it is relevant we discuss this over the phone. Just to avoid misunderstandings! Contact us!

Massage for couples in Ibiza

Camilla is the most requested masseuse in Ibiza. She can partner with another female masseuse or with a male masseur she knows perfectly to serve the hottest massages for couples —only the male though.

Also Luna is a relevant option to serve couples by just one lady. As you will read on her profile, Luna masters a very spicy chemistry!

Couples massage in Marbella

Eva and Mike are just amazing. You still can’t imagine how fortunate you are to be in Marbella and have them available for you. Please contact us to discuss their availability and your fantasies.

Introducing Erick & Helena

Erick & Helena are the most expert tantric masseurs for couples in Barcelona. They work together because of their special chemistry.

Erick is the absolutely masculine man, with a long career in Tantric massage for women. Helena is his perfect match, since they share the same approach to the most balanced and sensual chemistry.

Helena also matches seamlessly with Esteban.

While Matt can join your friskiest massage with Nika, a bomb-shell in all aspects.

There is much more to all of them though! These professional masseuses and masseurs advertising with us are capable of the most spiritual tantric experiences. But have in mind they also master the most carnal and passionate inter-active sessions!

Trust their expertise!


Finally, let’s discuss several options for your most amazing couple experience!

  • One masseuse to share
  • One therapist for each of you

This is the first decision you need to take. You can always choose the gender of the therapist.

Sharing one therapist

Of course this is the basic option. We start by offering the equivalent to the hottest individual massage, the interactive and naked massage of 250 € per hour.

Since you’ll be two pax receiving it the price could be twice, but it’s just 1.5 times. Please make sure to call us to discuss this personally. There are many details we can’t foresee on this pricing table.

One hour one therapist

Total price is 250 euros.

90 minutes one therapist

Total price is 350 euros.

Two hours one therapist

Total price is 500 euros.

Two therapists (one for each)

As you may guess, this is the most popular request. It’s absolutely logical since ladies usually prefer a male therapist, and the male receiver s prefer a female. Though all other combinations are also possible. Because we see and serve it all!

The price is equal to the individual massage. Each therapists charges his individual fee.

Since you’ll be two pax hiring two therapists, you’ll be paying two masseurs.

One hour two therapists

Total price is 300 euros.

90 minutes two therapists

Total price is 450 euros.

Two hours two therapists

Total price is 600 euros.

Couple massage descriptions

Many couples are very curious about what will be going on during your session. We can’t reveal everything in advance, also because each couple has a very different approach and attitude, and we always adapt to make the most out of each situation.

60 minutes Couple Erotic massage

This massage is for all kinds of couples: straight couples and bimatingual couples. The 90 minutes session is perfect to fulfill a wider range of erotic fantasies and for both of you enjoy a longer time of a truly special “ménage à trois” session.

One masseuse for couple massage

The couple session is about sensuality and eroticism, and we can deal personally the protocol that suits you best: who will be starting? Is one of you just receiving the massage? Do you prefer focusing on giving the massage to just one of you guys? Will the therapist switch the focus on either of you alternatively? We can set up a session to work on specific aspects of your sensuality. Complicity is a way of communicating and we can use it to establish a certain role play top please you both.

90 minutes Couple Erotic mating massage

A longer session is always a safer choice. Because tim flies! One hour is over in a heartbeat. This massage is for all kinds of couples alike: straight couples and bimatingual couples. The 90 minutes session is perfect to fulfill a wider range of erotic fantasies and for both of you enjoy a longer time of a truly special “ménage à trois” session.

Additional voyeurs or couple mating massage viewers

First off, each additional person watching the couples massage will be asked to pay 100 € per hour. Since we see it as a show for this person. We can’t stress enough the fact that you need to discuss with us this detail. Because some therapists prefer to be alone in the room with just the couple receiving the massage. So avoid uncomfortable situations by letting us know what you really plan to have.

Techniques used for Couple Erotic mating massage

Logically, the amount of techniques the ladies are using will depend on the time length of your session. Couple massage depends also on your personal deal about the protocol to follow. This is the full list:

  • Starting spiritual relaxation
  • Feet reflexology
  • Buttocks relaxation and also stimulation
  • Perineal relaxation and stimulation
  • Nuad-Thai using masseuses’ feet and legs
  • Kidney relaxation and stimulation
  • Cervical and shoulders relaxation and stimulation
  • Body to body massage on your back
  • Perianal massage on your back
  • Anal and prostate massage on your back
  • Perianal massage on your front
  • Anal and prostate massage also on your front
  • Testicle massage on your back
  • Testicle massage on your front
  • Abs and belly massage
  • Chest massage and nipple stimulation
  • “Lingam” massage (*)
  • Frontal body to body massage
  • Cranial relaxation and also facial massage
  • Hands massage
  • Sensitive relaxing massage
  • You are allowed to touch the lady masseuse
  • Two or three apotheosiss with release
  • Tantric postures or “kama-sutra” postures

Finally, the easiest way to have more information is simply by calling us! So don’t be shy!