Cookies policy

This website, as most of websites on the internet, is using cookies to enhance the user experience during browsing.

The cookies are able to personalice the services that this website is offering, delivering to each user the information that can be relevant according to his/her personal use.

Following you’ll find information about what cookies are, the sort of cookies it is using and also how to de-activate cookies on your browser. What is happening if you de-actiuvate the cookies?

What are the cookies?

Cookies are small files that websites can install on your device (computar, smartphone or tablet). The cookies’ functions are several:

  • Store your navigation preferences
  • Statistics information
  • Allowing technical functions
  • Understanding your browsing habits
  • Re-cognizing your preferences

Cookies are stored on your device to enhance your navigation experience. Cookies can never deliver personal information about the user, only statistical and anonymous data.

The user can decide if allowing cookies or not by accessing her/his browser preferences.

Why are cookies important?

Cookies are useful for many reasons. From a technical point of view, they allow website to function in a more agile and efficient way. Therefore, adapting to the user’s preferences, like recognising you preferred language and currency.

Cookies also help the websites’ administrators to enhance the services and usability.

There are two types of Cookies according to their permanence:

  • Session cookies
  • Permanent cookies

The first type expire as the user quits the browser. The second type expire after achieving a goal or whenever they are manually deleted.

How do we use cookies?

Navigating this website implies the installation of these cookies:

Enhancing Cookies

This sort of cookies keeps your preferences for certain tools or services so you don’t need to set them again every time you visit this website.

For example:

  • Sound volume settings for audio and video
  • Blog posting display
  • Information about your check out data

Cookies for Analytics

These cookies allow us or third parties to quantify the number of visitors and statistically analyse the browsing of this website.

Thanks to these, we will be able to enhance this website’s structure and also the services we are offering. These cookies are anonymous, so never including nor collecting any personal information. They only refer to browsing behaviours..

Geo-localising cookies

These cookies only place the user on a country.

Register Cookies 

Since you don’t need to register to use our website, we don’t use these cookies.

Advertising Cookies

Sien we don’t hire not offer external advertising, we don’t use these cookies.

Third party cookies

Some of our pages are displaying social media links. These social media allow sharing our contents, so they will also use a cookie.

Our Company uses Google Analytics, an analysis service offered by Google, Inc., a company in Delaware whose headquarters are on 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View (California), CA 94043, United States (“Google”). Google Analytics uses “Cookies”, which are text files located on your computer, to help this website by analysing the habits of the people visiting our website. All data (including your IP) will be directly sent and stored by Google on their servers located on the United States. Google will use this information as a service to our company to help us understand the way you use this website.

Google will only share this information if it is required by law. Google will not associate your IP address with no other data that Google might have about your device.

You are free to disagree and de-activate the cookies by selecting the matching preferences on your browser and device. For more information about Google Cookies, pelase visit this link:

How can I set my preferences?

You can allow, block or delete the cookies by selecting the right configuration on your browser. By doing so, some features on this website might not be available.

Following a list of links with more information about setting your preferences regarding cookies, on the most popular browsers:

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Internet Explorer


Safari  IOS (iPhone, iPad)

Cookies Flash

Or visit the tutorial videos published by the Agencia Española de Protección de Datos:

More about cookies on Wikipedia:

¿Qué ocurre si se deshabilitan las cookies?

En el caso de bloquear o no aceptar la instalación de cookies es posible que ciertos servicios ofrecidos por nuestro sitio web que necesitan su uso queden deshabilitados y, por lo tanto, no estén disponibles para usted por lo que no podrá aprovechar por completo todo lo que nuestras webs y aplicaciones le ofrecen. Es posible también que la calidad de funcionamiento de la página web pueda disminuir.

Aceptación de cookies

Si usted sigue navegando después de haberle informado sobre nuestra Política de cookies entendemos que acepta la utilización de las cookies.

Al acceder a este sitio web o aplicación por primera vez, verá una ventana donde se le informa de la utilización de las cookies y donde puede consultar esta política de cookies. Si usted consiente la utilización de cookies, continúa navegando o hace clic en algún link se entenderá que usted ha consentido nuestra política de cookies y, por tanto, la instalación de las mismas en su equipo o dispositivo.

Además del uso de nuestras cookies propias, permitimos a terceros establecer cookies y acceder a ellas en su ordenador. El consentimiento del uso de las cookies de estas empresas está ligado a la navegación por este sitio web.

Updates on this Cookie Policy

This website may modify this Cookie Policy anytime. According to law or to follow the instructions of the Agencia Española de Protección de Datos. So we suggest you visit this page periodically.

Tipos de Cookies usadas

Following, the cookies that have not been excluded. Own or third parties cookies used on this website.

Analytics Cookies of their parties:

Google Analytics:

Google, Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View (California), CA 94043, Estados Unidos (“Google”).

Privacy policy:

Collected data:

Anonymous: (advertising, Analytics, Information browser, cookie data, date / time, demographic data, hardware / software type, interaction data, visited pages, service domains)

Pseudonymised: (IP address (UE PII), search history, based on data location, click chain, device ID (PII UE) ) PII ( name, address, phone number, e-mail address, Enter) Sensible (Financial data)

Data shared to third parties: Undisclosed

Data retention: Undisclosed

More information here: