Body to body massage

Body to body massage seems to be one of the most sensual techniques in massage. Because most of our customers mention this special feature as the first request on their call.

What is body to body massage?

You probably guessed it! As the name says, it means rubbing two bodies against each other. Though not just rubbing!

As a masseuse we need to have in mind a bunch of information pieces before even starting to dare!

The goal of body to body massage is the sensual excitement of the receiver. Though the therapist sometimes feels excited as well! Yep, we can’t help it!

Sensual massage

First off, we never start just like this. There is a whole warming up massage before body to body comes up.

You can also call it a “ritual”.

So this intimate contact does not come “out of the blue”. We will get you more and more aroused in a gradual way. So when our bodies start having skin to skin full contact you’ll be already very excited.

Since we are using soft body oils and also creams, the contact is gliding, sensual and silky.

“This has been the most amazing massage I ever had! Experiencing full body contact with you is beyond exciting!”

Many gentlemen reach the final release during this moment. Because we extend it to the longest amount of time in our Extremely Erotic massageof 90 minutes. So there is a moment you can’t hold back anymore!

Let’s add some more information about the 90 minutes sessions though. Since your excitement gets higher and higher, without a foreseeable end. Many men climax in a spontaneous way because they are unable to hold back.

Though the good news are excellent!

You can climax again! And also again for the third time!

Erotic body to body massage

Besides sensual stimulation, erotic bodywork has a relevant goal. Namely extending your pleasure for the longest time possible!

Erotic bodywork seeks matingual excitement avoiding the immediate release. So the time of body to body connection can build up a very intimate connection.

Usually the matingual act is about a short mechanical stimulation. How long do your matingual acts last usually? Maybe 10 to 15 minytes?

Life is short enough, so we should stretch the moments of pleasure. Don’t you agree?

Though erotic massage is here for a much longer time of joy!

“Never before I had seen so much semen shooting out my dick! Like a fountain! I guess this long time of stimulation has gathered everything I have in my balls! Amazing!”

Body to body massage
Body to body massage

Tantric body to body massage

If you ever hear about tantric massage before you know this is about experiencing a very long session. We use all sorts of erotic grips. Of course it depends on what massage price you choose!

Where can I enjoy all these amazing massages?

Of course we can offer you different female therapists in different cities in Spain.

  • Barcelona
  • Ibiza
  • Madrid

If you are visiting Barcelona please check all the amazing masseuses serving erotic massage in Barcelona.

In Spain’s capital city you’ll have the privilege to find the best erotic massage in Madrid.

If you plan to have the best erotic massage in Ibiza you’ll follow this link. Camilla and her friends are absolutely amazing!

Finally, please check the FAQs we are answering daily!


You can also check some more of our ladies on Hotel Massage Barcelona and erotic massage in Ibiza.

See you soon!