Best erotic massage

Best erotic massage

The best erotic massage isn’t that easy to find! Well, as everything in life, you can’t always trust coincidence or good luck! Consequently, not always the first results on a google search are the best options! We know some men think erotic massage is just some frisky stuff. Well, it’s not. Because we take it seriously. As serious as pleasure is to us and to our clients!

Mia hotel massage Barcelona
Mia hotel massage Barcelona

Even though happy ending is included, the job we do is on the next level. It is simply amazing! Some of our best customers told us:

“I have been trying many different services in Spain. Since I wasn’t totally happy with none of them, I went on trying. Until I found you! Your team is absolutely wonderful! And it shows these ladies like this job!”

As scientists say, the system this man used is “trial and error”. Until he found the best option! Sometimes though there is no occasion for this. Who do you trust then?

Camilla Ibiza erotic massage
Camilla Ibiza erotic massage

Best sensual massage

Honesty is one of our most relevant goals. And this is easy to keep —to us! We just can’t help naming things by the right word.

“This is what I expect: genuine pictures, real age of the ladies. And I am able to check and mark all the talents you mention. Because it’s easier to sell than to keep your word”.

We try to do both: sell by also telling the truth. Sometimes the customer on the phone is asking for things we can’t accomplish. So we immediately tell him we can’t offer what he needs. He then has the option to adapt to our services or to go on searching.

Lolita, the best #tantric masseuse in Spain!

One thing is for sure though. The quality of our erotic massage is the highest in Spain. Since the best professional masseuses want to work with us. We are a solid team who respects experience, talent and also personal limits.

All the ladies in our teams are expert masseuses. They have the calling and to them erotic massage is their only passion. So they cant’ see themselves doing anything else.

“Yours is the best erotic massage I had in 15 years. And believe me I do travel a lot! It has been a long long time I didn’t enjoy this much. Amazing!”

We won’t mention names here. Also because all of our ladies are earning reviews like this on a daily basis.

How to choose the best massage

We already mentioned two relevant aspects.

  • Passion for erotic massage
  • Calling for erotic massage

There are a few more though:

  • Facial beauty
  • Sexy body
  • Reliable
  • Honest
  • Talent
  • Training
  • Discipline
  • Team-work

We have seen many ladies who’d give their lives to work with us. Just lacking one of these assets makes a big difference. So we don’t work with ladies who are not everybody’s type. Or ladies who don’t have the true talent. You will be able to meet hundreds of young ladies with no discipline, who are whimsy or just unable to keep their smart-phone on full battery charge. Honestly!

So all those assets are relevant if you wish to ensure the service is perfect.

Best erotic massage: Reliability

What good can all these be if there is no reliability? If the therapist is late, or sweaty, or nervous for some other reason. We are only working with focusedyoung ladies.

Best erotic massage: Training

Believe it or not, eroticism is not only an attitude. You need a solid massage foundation to deliver the excellent bodywork. So we believe in training. Not just random trainings though. All of us know how to do a therapy massage. Because that’s just the start.

We also learned many body to body massage techniques. Not to mention dozens of lingam massage grips. Tantric massage also requires a longer time of study. Ideally also some spiritual training on Tantra wisdom.

Book the best erotic massage

The last word is always yours though. Since you are the final judge of this service! Our goal is always giving you the satisfaction you need. This is why we try to adapt to different schedules. Please check our massage prices and our ladies according to the city where you want to enjoy this amazing service!

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Of course, if you have the slightest doubt, we will be very happy to answer over the phone! Please, do contact and ask! Please share your hotel address and also the massage menu you wish. This way we will be able to help you in more detail.