Benefits of out-call massage

Benefits of out-call massage service

The benefits of our Hotel massage service can be felt immediately —even before starting your session. Because you start saving time, taxis and stress!

Benefits of out-call massage service

Our out-call service is a fulfilled wish-list of benefits. First off, the convenient fact that you don’t need to dress up and ramble the streets looking for some weird locations.

So welcoming a young and nice lady is the start of many privileges you are about to enjoy.

Save time and taxis. And save stress!

You will also save time and taxis. Namely back and forth. The taxi rides are included in our service and the ladies will never ask for a tip or for taxi money.

Additionally, after the massage you will be able to take your time before having a shower.

Or you can fall asleep —something absolutely impossible in a massage parlour!

Blissful relaxation

Our female erotic masseuses use heir hands, forearms, feet, legs and also their breasts —depending on the massage menu you choose— to perform the massage. Since the first minutes you’ll already feel more and more relaxed.

Additional benefits of hotel massage

More over, we pick the most erotic aspects from Tantra and Thai traditions to create a very pleasant, sensual and hot massage.

It’s always a very special experience. Besides, thousands of men visiting Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Ibiza have already tried it. Consequently most of them call back when visiting Spain again.

Exciting happy ending massage

For a start, the massage will get more and more sensual. That’s why you will feel extremely aroused. Your mind and body will then seem to disconnect.

Our masseuses have the special touch that will turn the session into very erotic —depending on the erotic intensity you choose. Finally you will feel the need to experience a climax.

Final benefits of hotel massage

Choose if you just need a soft happy ending massage or our extremely erotic massage.

Sex massage

Ever heard about “full massage”? Well this full massage is something really exciting, very close to full intimacy, while avoiding all the risks from matingual practice.

In a nutshell:

  • Save time
  • Avoid taxis
  • Save stress
  • So lay back and let others work for you!
  • Relax and enjoy!
  • You can fall asleep in your own hotel bed

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