Terms: relevant service information

Before calling us to make a booking it is important you get familiarized with these terms.

All of them are important informations you should be aware of. Please read them, accept and respect all of these terms if you intend to enjoy our amazing sex massage.

These terms are all to guarantee your satisfaction!


This is a service for adult men and women. Please be over 18 years old. This is the age of consent in Spain.


Please help us especially if you wish us to be at your door quickly: let us know the hotel name you are staying at, the full address, your room number and one of your names.

Personal data

We never disclose any data about our customers. Never ever. All your personal information is handled with discretion, security and confidentiality. We never share information with third parties nor have a database to store any kind of information.

Your contact data is erased immediately after your session.

Recognize you?

Some gentlemen though wish we keep their names to recognize them and their individual preferences. This is a personal choice we need you to express clearly.

Currencies accepted

We only accept Euros. Please have the correct amount ready on masseuse's arrival.

If we ever deal a price in US dollars. Please be aware the exchange rate may vary constantly. So please ask us for the current rates.

Please be aware exchange rates are higher than you think when we go to our local banks.

Be sober

Please avoid abuse or consumption of alcohol or drugs shortly before and during the massage session. Don't offer alcohol or drugs to the ladies. Have and keep the air in your room clean and fresh.

Respect the lady

Please respect the masseuses' personal intimate limits at all times.

This is why it is relevant for us you telling us exactly what kind of service you want.

We don't want to waste your time sending a lady who is not matching your expectations.

No kissing

Lady masseuses are no escorts and don't like to kiss. Please respect their personal professional option if this is the case.


Have perfect hygiene: take a shower shortly before the lady's arrival.

Have a towel

After finishing your massage session and while you are still relaxing please allow the lady to have a shower. Please spare a clean towel for her use.


Please take a firm decision on hiring us. If you have any sort of doubts it is better you don't set up an appointment.

We understand you are over 21 years of age and you are responsible for your decisions and actions.

Canceling the service for whatever reason anytime will be chargeable for 100% of the total amount of the service.

You should be also aware the lady spent her own money on a taxi to visit you. She will therefore need twice the cost of her way to you besides the amount of your massage reservation.

If you cancel the service you are responsible for her not being able to serve another customer.

Book accordingly

Please book ahead of time. We always recommend to make a reservation 3 hours ahead. Especially if you desire to choose a specific lady to serve you. If you asked for a service to start in the next 30 minutes we will ask you for some tolerance in minutes. Our phone valet will tell you how long we might take to knock at your door after your confirmation.

We still don’t own a helicopter ;-) so we need to hail a taxi and are also depending on traffic lights and traffic conditions.

No slavery

We are all lady masseuses and we are human. We work as erotic masseuses for our own free will and have a calling for this kind of massage service.

Please don’t take us for prostitutes nor slaves. Respect us at all times as you would respect any human being.

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