The limits of massage and sex

This is one of the most frequent questions we are having always: what are the limits or what is the difference between massage and sex?

Massage and sex are two different words. And they have different meanings.

The best of both worlds

With use you will be able to enjoy the best of massage and the best of sex: eroticism, hot body work and a lasting time of enjoyment. And you will also enjoy an amazing climax.

Sex massage or sexual massage

We understand that when massage gets intimate, erotic and sexual, as it takes you to climax, the limits get blurry.

What is massage

Massage means all of us ladies have a professional foundation and a specific training for massage. We know how to use our hands to give a therapy massage. Escorts don't have this training.

We use more than just our hands

Do we just use our hands? We go further and use all of our bodies though!

Erotic massage means we use all of our bodies to perform the hottest body to body or nuru-massage. This means we had to undergo a very specific training.

For your pleasure!

It's sex massage time!

Massage sessions take a minimum time of 60 minutes. During this time we work on your sexual energies to get more and more intense, until you achieve an amazing climax. A powerful climax. A long climax, with a very abundant ejaculation.

Sexual stimulation

But we don't use our mouth nor our intimate sexual parts to stimulate your body. We do use our breasts for a long time on top of your body in the hottest extremely erotic massage.


Masseuses are no escorts

Please have in mind that we masseuses are no escorts. We don't want to work as an escort for our personal reasons and we are not changing our mind today.

We are quite sure you know what an escort offers in her service. Oral sex, penetration, front and back —meaning vaginal and anal penetration. To perform their job an escort may take 10-15 minutes to take you to climax.

Sex massage: a big quality difference

Our job, as we said before, takes at least 60 minutes. It is a big difference. Not just about the time but the quality of our bodywork.

We are also socially different. We are not seen as escorts. We dress as regular young ladies, not as escorts. We are not stopped at the hotel lobbies because of our looks.

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