Lesbian massage in your hotel

Female on female erotic massage means the receiver is a lady and the therapist is also a lady.

More and more ladies want to explore and enjoy this very special and sensual massage style!

Ours are the sexiest and also the most expert professional masseuses.

Trust us and discover the ultimate female bliss!

Also available in our massage studio!

What is lesbian massage?

Even if you don't see yourself as a lesbian! Sometimes ladies can feel attracted or curious to share some intimacy with other ladies.

This is an absolutely legitimate desire!

And this doesn't make you a lesbian.

 Other ladies instead live up their sexuality as openly lesbian or LGBT. This is also legitimate to all of us!

Massage for bisexual ladies

We have a huge experience in serving married couples. Most of the times the lady also wants to be served by a female masseuse.

Not only because this feels hotter to their male partner. Also because this is the perfect excuse to enjoy some female on female intimacy. The husband feels more excited if there is a fourth lady in the room!

Lesbian masseuses

All of use see sexuality in a very open minded way. Eroticism and intimacy are fascinating worlds to us!

Most of us ladies are bisexual. We have had sex with other ladies though also emotional relationships. This feels absolutely natural to us!

Who can understand best a lady's needs than another lady herself!

Lesbian massage in Ibiza

In Ibiza you can ask Camilla, Luna and Denise to enjoy our hottest female on female massages!

Lesbian massage in Barcelona

Karine, Giselle, Lara and Carmen are open to serve ladies. Please contact us with some time in advance so we can set up your meeting in the best way to adapt to your preferences.

Lesbian massage in Madrid

Lolita and Monika love to serve women!

They are also very passionate and do value the fact of serving ladies. As you guess, most of the massages are requested by gentlemen. So a break in routine feels absolutely fantastic!

Lesbian massage prices

The prices are the same as for serving gentlemen. You have the same choices about prices and in the range of the different erotic temperatures.

So choose between a very peaceful and spiritual receiving massage to an extremely sexy mutual and naked massage!

From Relaxing massage to naked massage!

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