Erotic massage in a studio

If your hotel or apartment is not the right moment at this time for you to enjoy our massage therapy, then you can also request a massage in a studio. We work with legal and private professional massage parlors.

Private massage studios

Some of our masseuses own a private and individual massage studio you can visit. Please call to ask. They are absolutely discrete and perfectly set up for this intimate massage service.

Erotic massage studio Barcelona
Erotic massage studio Madrid Erotic massage studio Madrid
Erotic massage studio Ibiza

Massage studios in Barcelona

Helena and Karine share a luxury massage studio in the very city center of Barcelona. Please check their availability by calling us.

Massage studios in Madrid

Lolita can serve you in a very convenient massage studio in Cuzco.

Please call us to find out where sexy Laura can serve you in the next hours. She also has a personal studio for discrete massage encounters.

Sex massage studios in Ibiza

Camilla and her sexy friends can serve you in a very cozy and personal massage studio in Ibiza, absolutely discreet and with very few visitors. You will feel super at ease with them!

Our personal studio opening times

Please call to make an appointment. We are usually available from Monday to Sunday, from 11 AM to 1 AM.

Sometimes we can be flexible for specific reservations.

Studio opening times

You need to be aware that regular massage studios have opening and closing times that are not flexible.

Usually massage studios are opening at 11 AM and closing at 10 PM. They open from Monday to Friday. Only a few of them are working on Saturdays, let alone Sundays.

Anyway, each city and each lady have their own schedule, so please call us so we can discuss the possibilities at a given time and place.

The sooner you call the better. Don't risk a last minute frustration!

Masseuses with a studio in Barcelona

In Barcelona Helena, Lucía, Lara, Nika and Karine can offer you an amazing in-call service. Please book with at least 2 hours ahead of time to ensure their availability.

Last minute bookings are difficult since they may have a scheduled waiting list.

Masseuses with a studio in Madrid

In Madrid Lolita, Monika and Laura can offer you their amazing erotic bodywork in their own studios. Please call with at least 3 hours in advance so we can match your schedule.

Masseuses with a studio in Ibiza

Camilla has her own massage studio in Ibiza. Please call with at least 3 hours in advance so we can match your schedule.

Masseuses with a studio in Valencia

Eva can welcome you at her professional studios in Valencia. Please call with at least 3 hours in advance so they can match your schedule.

Eva will offer you her best massage, the Extremely erotic massage with no extra fees.

If you wish to enjoy the most affordable Relaxing massage please have in mind they will ask for an additional renting fee. Please have also in mind that studios have their specific opening times.

Private studios vs. huge studios

Camilla, Valentina, Helena, Lolita, Eva and Laura are our ladies serving at their own studios in different cities. They own individual apartments where these ladies feel at ease and at home.

So there is no mass-production but private, personal and caring massage therapies!

The truth about massage studios

Most of the mass production massage studios are hiring the cheapest professionals. Guess who they are? Not so sexy ladies, not nice faces, ladies a bit too old, amateurish ladies who don't speak English. In three words: ladies without any charm and no class.

Our ladies are the opposite: sexy bodies, nice faces, speaking English, with a sexy attitude and charming. Really charming. Our customers fall in love with our masseuses.

After a massage in a mass production massage studio you will be rushed out. They will quickly forget about you and focus on "who's next".

Sexiest ladies are not working for massage studios

Most of our ladies are not working for big massage studios since they are free-lancers. Our ladies are doing much better than ladies working for huge studios. Because they are much sexier, nicer and better trained than those who don't have to fight for their customers. Ladies in the massage studios are sitting around and waiting for the door-bell.

Or the opposite: stressed to face a huge waiting list. And so unable to face each and every customer with the caring and quality attitude you deserve.

Weather bored or stressed, their service is not a balanced one. They are unable to serve some erotic quality massage as we do.

Avoid waiting lists in huge studios

Once you arrive at a massage studio they will lead you into the waiting room. You will probably sit face to face to other customers holding a one-use glass of water.

Avoid this uncomfortable situation. On huge massage studios you will see the other guys being served before yourself and you will have the clear feeling of wasting your time. They will tell you "we are with you in a minute". We have heard about 45-75 minutes waiting time. Is that what you want?

Enjoy at your place and your time

Only at your hotel and our individual and personal massage studios we can guarantee the best quality in everything about erotic massage service.

You will not have to wait in a weird room.

In your hotel you will feel at home and free to have a shower, answer your calls and e-mails on your laptop or ordering a drink from the room service.

You are free to ask us for a massage studio, but please remember our focus is quality and the best price.

Your convenience, your relaxation, your time. After an amazing massage you are free to fall asleep —in your hotel room.

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