Ejaculation massage

Ejaculation massage means that your ejaculation is a part of the massage service. For some men it is the ultimate goal, but for massage fans it is a relevant side-effect of all the sensual, erotic and blissful genital bodywork treatment.

Ejaculation comes in a natural way with us, as a part of the massage flow. Our ladies work in a natural and personal way, adapting to your pace. They can feel what you expect during the massage session. Their goal is pleasing you in a natural way —a way escorts don't know how to.

Ejaculation allowed in sex massage

Ejaculation is allowed in our massage therapies. It is a part of the magic intimate sexual pleasure you will achieve under our hands and bodies. We master "lingam-massage" in a really wide range of sweet and amazing techniques, and usually this penis massage is what will trigger your orgasm with ejaculation.

Massage with the powerful ejaculation

Ejaculation will be a really intense and lasting pleasure during our erotic massage service. Erotic massage will awaken your most intimate and wild sexual energies. Across all of your body, not only your intimate parts. This is why the orgasm achieved under our ladies' bodies is so powerful, lasting, satisfying and releasing.

Climaxing twice: double ejaculation massage

You can climax twice end have two ejaculations in the 90 minutes sessions of extremely erotic massage. You didn't know you are able to? Well our massage can be really surprising!

This massage is the living proof that our erotic bodywork is able to give almost all men two orgasms with two or more ejaculations in a row in a single 90 minutes or 120 minutes session.

Dare to live it up! Dare to proof yourself how your masculinity and how abundant your semen production can be when being treated by the right professional ladies. All of our ladies are extremely beautiful and sexy. Not any young lady is talented for this job. These are the most carefully and strictly chosen erotic masseuses.

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