Enjoy a massage after the football match

Book your masseuse before the football match is over. Don't risk calling too late!

After the football match

Before, after and in between football matches we get a huge amount of phone calls. Most of them are able to get their reservation. So don't risk waiting for the match to end! Book in advance to ensure our availability!



Massage before a football match

A massage before a football play will help you relax and face the match with a greater balance and calm, no matter how your team is doing.

Please have in mind that our ladies are very requested during the previous hours, so it's always safer to book ahead of time.

Erotic massage during a football match

The time of the match is usually the less requested period of time. Though more and more men are using this time to enjoy a discrete massage. Because they don't like football and because they will get no business nor colleagues phone calls to disturb their enjoyment.

Sex massage for groups of friends

If you are a group of friends watching the football match together please be safe and make your booking before the match. This is the way to ensure availability of the desired amount of masseuses.

This way you'll be sure you get the sex massage you desire!

Sex massage after the football match

This is the most requested time slot!

After the match is over we don't have enough phones and valets to answer all the calls!

So we can't warn you enough to book at least two hours before this time. All of sudden the calls are too many to manage them all at a time, and we run out of masseuses in about minutes.

We don't like to see you standing frustrated with no lady available to your massage time though!

After the football match you might celebrate your team's victory, and a sensual, relaxing or extremely erotic massage is a great way to enjoy the sweet taste of the champions.

If your team was the one to fail, you still have the option to make your day 0rdering our amazing massage service. Our ladies will cheer you up and all of sudden you'll forget the sour taste of defeat.



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